Making peace with free will and the existence of fallen beings 

Question: From the minute they fell, the fallen beings claimed about the injustice of God and pointed out a flaw in God’s plan because of free will. And the appearances seem to give some support to their claims. The fall itself means that these beings were forced to live in a new sphere in a different environment, although created with special realms where they could live. But having lost their connection with their I AM Presences it seems that they had to, since then, parasite the new beings in the succeeding spheres to steal their light in order to survive. Therefore, it would seem that God allowed them to survive, because of the law of free will, but simultaneously condemned them to prey on other beings in order to survive, and these other innocent beings were also condemned to be the prey of them.

Could the masters explain what is missing in this argument, and why there is no contradiction in the fact that God allowed these fallen beings to keep living for a long period of time, falling from the fourth to the fifth to the sixth, and now to the seventh universe. At the same time, that (he) apparently condemned them to parasite other beings in order to survive, and innocent others to be their prey?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

In a sense, you could say that there is no flaw in the argument. If you look at it, from a certain perspective, the argument is reasonable enough. The fallen beings did fall and the consequence was that they could only prey on other beings in order to survive by stealing their energy. In a sense, you could say that you now had the fifth sphere, where you had innocent lifestreams that were in the same sphere as the fallen beings. However, you can also take another viewpoint of this, and say that even these innocent lifestreams could only be affected by the fallen beings through their own choices. And the fallen beings could not influence them until they had made the choices that opened them up to the fallen beings.

We have talked about before that the fallen beings are substitute teachers. Only when lifestreams have cut themselves off from being taught by the ascended masters do they become prey for the fallen beings, and this, when you cut yourself off from the ascended masters, that means you are not learning by getting this inner direction. You must learn by experiencing the consequences of your consciousness, the outplaying of it, and the fallen beings simply act in order to accelerate the consequences so that people actually in many cases learn faster by interacting with fallen beings than if they were left to themselves.

You could say that the fallen beings are acting out the same consciousness that these beings have gone into in the unascended sphere, but the fallen beings have had longer to act out this consciousness. Therefore, they have acted it out in greater extremes. When new beings see this, they have the option to say: “I do not want to go that far” and therefore, instead of having to repeat it themselves, taking a very long time to get to the point where the fallen beings are, they can actually progress much faster by having seen the fallen beings go to such extremes.

In a sense, you could say that this is all part of allowing free will to work itself out. You could also go and take this viewpoint that when you truly understand free will, you see that there is no other option. There is no other option. And this is probably if we want to talk about a flaw in the argument, this is the most common confusion that people have when they begin to understand the concept of fallen beings and many of these other concepts we have given you. As we have said before, even avatars who came to earth did not have a full understanding of free will. And certainly, the fallen beings do not have it either. It is actually quite difficult, it requires a certain maturity especially on a planet as dense as earth to fully grasp free will. Free will is free. When God gave individual beings free will God also said: “I will not interfere with that free will.”

Now, God’s emissaries, the Elohim, the ascended masters have designed planets in an unascended sphere in such a way that it can help people overcome using their free will to go into separation, so they can find their way back towards oneness and again be connected. But the reality is that as a consequence of free will you start out as a being who has some sense of connection to something greater than yourself, but then some beings need to have the experience of cutting that connection, living now as separate beings for a time.

And then after having lived as separate beings and having had enough of that experience, they can start moving back into oneness by attaining the Christ consciousness, but now they are doing it with a greater awareness than they had before. It is not that beings have to go through this process, all beings do not go through it, but some do.

As we have said before, anything you can do with free will in an unascended sphere actually helps your growth, it helps your I Am Presence have positive experiences that are stored in your causal body. Again, we have also said that in the end, the fallen beings cannot destroy an unascended sphere, even as the spheres become denser they will not be able to destroy it, there will not be a point where a sphere cannot ascend and there will not be a point where a falling being cannot ascend if it is willing to do so.

Going to the second death is really a consequence of the fallen beings’ own choices. Following fallen beings, being preyed upon by falling beings, is the result of choices made by these beings who are no longer as innocent as when they were first created. When you begin to grapple with this, the full ramifications of free will, you come to a point where you are simply at peace with it, you make peace with free will.

You make peace with free will despite the conditions you see on earth, despite the abuses of free will, the disregard for other people’s will that you see on earth. You cannot ascend until you have made that peace where you again as we have said can look at earth and there is nothing that pulls you back here, there is nothing you have to correct, nothing you have to change, nothing you cannot look at and be non-attached to, and say: ”Regardless of what people are doing with their free will, I am ascending because I am using my free will to choose to ascend.”


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