Magicians, the need for visible phenomena and spiritual people

Question:  Do some of the magicians who do tricks use the help of astral beings?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2018

The short answer is yes there are some magicians who have such a human ambition of becoming famous that they see that the only way to become famous is to make some kind of trick that no other magician has done.  Therefore some of them go into of course various forms of deceit and trying to find some trickery. Others seek to actually manifest some element of mind over matter so that they can do something that supposedly can’t be done through physical means. Some of them are so eager to do this that they are actually willing to “sell their souls to the devil” as the saying goes in order to manifest this phenomenon.

As a spiritual person we don’t really encourage you to put your attention much on magicians. Some of them have genuine intentions but most of them have a very human ambition and some of them are very much anchored in the fallen consciousness. They have in many cases a desire to break boundaries. In a sense you could say “well aren’t we saying that a Christed being breaks boundaries?” Well not really! because a Christed being isn’t seeking to break boundaries from a human ambition but is seeking to bring forth something from the spiritual realm that is not part of the human ambition.

Certainly there are few magicians who have been able to raise their consciousness and purify their intention. Still the question would be:  “Why are they using magic instead of giving some more spiritual teaching?” Why are they seeking to manifest visible phenomena when in reality in this day and age, this isn’t what is most needed?

I’m not denying that there are people in the world who only respond when they see something physical. That is partly why you see some Christian healers that are able to heal or make people fall over in the spirit or whatever. This is not something we sponsor from the ascended level. This is a phenomenon that is, in some cases as we have said before, produced by people’s consciousness because they have a desire for some kind of phenomenon. You will actually see that there are some magicians who have the ability to use and extract energy from the consciousness of the audience and use this to produce a phenomena that at least surprises the audience in their state of mind.

Can it have a positive effect?  I’m not denying that it can but in most cases it just actually brings people into as was said wanting more and more, it can almost become an addiction to these phenomena.  As you even see some people have become addicted to Christian healers and travel to all these events and sit there and wait for some kind of phenomenon. Yes they can sometimes use astral forces, other than that there really isn’t much reason for you as a spiritual student to put your attention on it.

You need to come to a point on your path to Christhood where you realize that you are beyond needing these visible phenomena, these sensationalist phenomena because that just isn’t what helps you manifest your divine plan.


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