Like attracts like and opposites meet

TOPICS: People in the same state of consciousness reinforce each other – more mature people seek out those who can challenge you to grow by being different –

Question: Is it true that like attracts like?

Answer from ascended master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels:

Yes and no—for you know that if you take a magnet and approach two poles, two north poles, to each other, they will actually repel each other. So thus, this is a question that does not have a linear, yes-and-no answer.

It is very true that when you look at people, you will often see that people who are in a certain state of consciousness will gravitate towards each other. And thus, they will reinforce that state of consciousness—often going further down the spiral staircase by being together, than each one of them would do alone.

This, for example, is what you see when a group of people gets into a negative activity and commits a crime, or parties beyond all reason, or even form a mob that will lynch somebody or take a spiritual teacher and nail him to a wooden cross.

Yet my beloved, it is also true that opposites meet. And often what you will see is that those who are in a lower state of consciousness – I am talking about the lower portion of the middle 80% and lowest 10% of the population – those people are so overpowered by the duality consciousness, by the mass consciousness, that they often do not have a strong enough individuality. And thus, they seek out groups who will reinforce their own state of consciousness, making it seem like it is okay because if everybody is doing it, it must be alright.

Yet what you will see is that those who have attained a higher state of spiritual maturity have started developing a stronger individuality, where they are no longer willing to follow the mass consciousness, to be the blind followers of the blind leaders. And so you will see that among spiritual people, you will often see that opposites meet and that in love relationships, for example, you tend to attract a person to you who in many ways has an opposite view of life or an opposite psychology.

Why do you do this? You do this precisely because you are spiritual people who want to grow as quickly as possible and you realize that it is precisely by being together with people who are different from yourself that you have the greatest opportunity to see the beam in your own eye, to see what needs to be corrected and overcome in your psychology. And thus, you will see that there is a nuanced answer to this question.


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