Lifestreams who choose termination

TOPICS: Lifestreams become spiritually blind from duality consciousness – think they can get away with anything – only ultimate denial leads to the second death –

Question: I just don’t see how a soul could actually finally choose its own non-existence and just “poof” and become as it never existed. What happens to the energy residues of that soul and its memory? I must admit the Urantia Book has an interesting view of this ….as having souls who choose termination….being absorbed back into the Universal Spirit.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Your point, “I just don’t see how a soul could actually finally choose its own non-existence” is well taken. However, a lifestream does not choose annihilation in the sense that it does not truly acknowledge what the choice entails. That is why I said, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

The explanation is that the lifestream has become spiritually blind because it has identified with the ego who can use only the dualistic logic of the mind of anti-christ. This mind can justify anything, and it gives rise to spiritual pride. When a being is consumed by such pride, it believes it could never be wrong and that it knows better than anyone else, including God. Thus, it truly believes it can get away with anything and that it can circumvent God’s law or “beat the system.”

I can assure you that no lifestream has ever gone to the second death for making “ordinary” mistakes. A lifestream will get to this point only by being caught in extreme spiritual pride whereby it thinks it can define its own laws and do whatever it wants with no regard for how it affects others. It truly believes it is smarter and more powerful than God.

Before a lifestream faces the second death, we of the ascended masters have done everything possible to help it see the flaw in its reasoning. I personally descended to hell to preach to the lifestreams there. And when a lifestream faces the final judgment, it is shown the consequences of its choices with all possible clarity.

Yet because of the nature of the dualistic mind – that can justify anything – we have limited options for reaching through the veil of spiritual blindness. You see, when a lifestream is caught in spiritual pride, it defines its own system of right and wrong, and thus it can always find an argument that makes it seem like it is right. It will simply deny that what we are saying and showing is real. It will cling to what it wants to believe in the face of all evidence to the contrary—much like some people on earth cling to certain beliefs even though it causes their physical death or condemns them to a life of constant suffering.

This is what makes such a being unreachable and unteachable for even the wisest spiritual teacher. And since we never violate the Law of Free Will, we must sometimes bow to the law and allow a lifestream to go to its ultimate annihilation. And while this is always a solemn occasion for us, we know the choice is not ours to make, so we do not allow ourselves to feel any attachment to the outcome.


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