Life on a natural planet

Question: This person has a number of questions regarding life on a natural planet:  the economy, the government, are fallen beings allowed on a natural planet and is there a Golden Age equivalency with being on a natural planet?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

The most easy answer to give here is that fallen beings obviously are not allowed on natural planets. It is only when the inhabitants of a planet have taken the planet below a certain level that fallen beings can incarnate on the planet.

Is there a Golden Age on natural planets? Well you can say there is a permanent Golden Age because it is in a higher state than Earth and there is constant growth. The concept of a Golden Age is somewhat of a relative term in the sense that it is in contrast to a not-so-golden age. You go back to how you use history – the Stone Age, the Iron Age, the Bronze Age, this and that – and you can see a certain symbolism there, in the sense that stone represents a certain level of consciousness. Iron represents a certain level of consciousness and on a natural planet you don’t have that contrast. You don’t have as low a state as you have seen on Earth and therefore you don’t actually use the terminology of a Golden Age.

How is the economy, how is the government on a natural planet? Well that depends on which natural planet you are talking about. There is an incredible variety among natural planets, an incredible diversity. There is so much room for creativity that it is really a matter of what the inhabitants of a specific planet have done with the economy, with government.

It is not so my beloved, that when you step up to a natural planet you have a certain standard and all planets are alike, they are very, very diverse. In fact we could say that the unnatural planets have much less diversity because they are all influenced by the duality consciousness and it has built in limitations. There is diversity as to which dualistic polarities have been created on a planet but there is really no diversity as to the fact that there is duality that runs an unnatural planet.

At this point I do not wish to go further into describing life on a natural planet. This may happen in some future book that will also be fictional or claim to be fictional but I also do not want to lock your minds on thinking that a natural planet has to be a certain way because it could limit you in the sense that those of you who have come from natural planets, those of you who are avatars, have not all come from the same planet. So if you could actually really clarify what you remember from your natural planet, you will find that it is not the same that somebody else remembers. We do not want this to be a source of conflict where you think that there is only one way for a natural planet to be.


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