Life is a path whereby lifestreams gradually grow to a greater awareness of their true identity as spiritual beings

Question: Should we strive to ascend to the Inner Planes as a method of spiritual development and if “Yes” what is a safe method to do so? This also brings up the question of what is consciousness and what part of us actually ascends to the inner planes. In particular, I’m very interested in a safe method that I and others could use to rise to the level of the I AM Presence.

Answer from Jesus:

As I explain throughout the ARJ website and in the books, life is a path whereby lifestreams gradually grow to a greater and greater awareness of their true identity as spiritual beings. No lifestream can be completely happy or at peace as long as it is separated from its spiritual self, its I AM Presence. Only by attaining union with the I AM Presence can the lifestream be fully at peace.

So the answer is that all true spiritual seekers should strive to ascend to the inner planes. However, the only safe method is to walk the spiritual path and strive for union with your Christ self. And you should strive to attain this union while you are still in the physical body, so that you can be the Christ in embodiment and express your Christhood in this world. Thereby, you can help raise the consciousness of all human beings and contribute to the raising of the vibratory level of the entire planet.

An important part of my mission was to demonstrate the path that leads to the ascension of the lifestream. Because reincarnation, as explained elsewhere, was removed from Christianity, most Christians do not have a clear understanding of the process that leads to the ascension. In fact, many Christians think that I was the only one who could complete this process. This is a very dangerous fallacy that I would like to see all Christians abandon once and for all.

The reality of the situation is that a number of lifestreams made the decision to eat of the forbidden fruit. This fruit was a symbol for a state of consciousness in which the lifestream becomes aware that good and evil can be defined as relative terms instead of the absolute reality that is beyond good and evil.

Because these lifestreams partook of this relative state of consciousness before they were sufficiently bonded to their I AM Presence, they gradually became lost in the lower state of consciousness and lost their connection to the I AM Presence. This caused these lifestreams to misqualify the pure energies of God, which the teachings on reincarnation describe as karma.

As long as the lifestream has karma in the material universe, it cannot permanently ascend to the spiritual realm. Therefore, the lifestream must keep reincarnating until it has balanced all karma and requalified all impure energy. This then becomes what Eastern religions call the wheel of rebirth, but contrary to the teachings of many Eastern religions, the wheel will not continue forever. Each lifestream has an allotted time, and if the lifestream does not qualify for its ascension before the time is up, the lifestream will go through a ritual called the second death and be erased as an individual lifestream.

Virtually every religious teaching on this planet talks about how to rise above the lower consciousness and ascend to the spiritual realm. This is what many Christians call the process of salvation. Unfortunately, partly because of the loss of the teachings on reincarnation, many Christians take a passive approach to salvation and think I will do all the work for them.

There are many safe methods whereby the lifestream can rise to unite with the spiritual self. Over the past century, the Ascended Host have sponsored several organizations that brought forth new teachings and techniques that are specifically designed to help spiritual seekers in today’s age. However, you can also base your path on older religions.

To be effective, a spiritual teaching must give you the following tools:

  • A way to requalify the misqualified energy, or karma, that keeps you tied to the material world.
  • Teachings and techniques that help you resolve all false beliefs about yourself, about God and about your relationship to God so that you can voluntarily choose to ascend back to the spiritual realm.

All of the tools we give on this website are designed to help you complete the process that leads to the ascension. Together with the teachings, they form a path that is safe and effective. However, each lifestream is an individual. There are certainly other valid teachings/tools that can help you make progress, and you need to follow your own inner prompting and use what resonates with you.

What is consciousness? In its essence, Consciousness is God’s substance and Being. The unmanifest aspect of God, what I call the state of pure Being, is a state of pure consciousness. The Creator is an individualization of the state of pure Being, and it is conscious of its own existence and its ability to create. An individual lifestream is an individualization of the Creator.

A new lifestream is not created with a full awareness of its oneness with God. The lifestream is meant to grow and mature and gradually rise to higher levels of awareness, until it can fully recognize itself as an individualization of God and as a co-creator with God.

The unique individuality of each lifestream is anchored in the I AM Presence, or spiritual self. At some point in the past, a number of lifestreams decided to experience life in the material universe. For this purpose, a lifestream, or I AM Presence, created an extension of itself. This lifestream is what we call the Conscious You.

One might say that the Creator is an individualization of the state of pure Being, the I AM Presence of each lifestream is an individualization of the Creator, and the Conscious You is an individualization of the I AM Presence.

The soul is simply a vehicle that enables a lifestream to descend into the material universe and experience this level of God’s creation from the inside. Obviously, the very fact that the soul is made from lower energies than the I AM Presence makes it possible that the Conscious You can become lost in this universe, because it comes to identify itself as a human being rather than as a spiritual being inhabiting a human body.

Because the Conscious You is the part that can act in the material universe, it is also the seat of your free will. That is why the spiritual path can be described as a process whereby the Conscious You must gradually raise its understanding, so that it can begin to make constructive choices. Constructive choices are decisions that bring the lifestream closer to God, as opposed to destructive choices, or sins, that bring the lifestream further away from oneness with God.


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