Left handed and right handed path

Question: What do the terms left handed path and right handed path mean in a current context? And does this relate to Ancient Egypt, where there was the school have the right eye of Horus and school of the left eye of Horus? Why is left often considered bad, demonic and so on? Is there any particular meaning to this in a technical sense, like where a spiral twisted to the left leads downward, plunging into ever denser matter? Is that why the left has a negative meaning?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

My beloved, we have said that the fallen beings chose to make men the superior sex, but they could have chosen differently. The fallen beings also chose to make left associated with bad or negative, but they could have chosen differently. The reason they did not do it was that most people are right handed. And therefore, it was easier to get more and more people to believe in the idea that left should be associated with bad and right should be associated with good. It is, of course nonsensical, and simply a choice that was made to manipulate people.

Of course, you can say that not only in Egypt, but in various previous civilizations there have been two opposing schools of thought. There has often been a school that used the expanding force of the Father, and perverting this expanding force of the Father, in order to gain power and control. There has often been another school who used a perversion of the contracting force of the Mother to in various ways gain control over matter. Both of these schools have been dualistic, and therefore, not a valid spiritual path.

But in many eras, one has managed to attain dominance over the other and has therefore labeled the other as the left-handed path, even though if you use that terminology, they are actually both the left-handed path. You will often see that there has been a dominant thought system of religion, such as the Catholic church during the Middle Ages, that labeled all competing or different thought systems as being bad, demonic of the devil, witches, anathema, blasphemy and so forth.

This is simply what the fallen beings do in order to polarize people into one or the other dualistic extreme. Some fallen beings do not even care which dualistic extreme people are polarized into as long as they are in duality. Others do care because they believe their dualistic extreme is the absolute and the superior one. But it is all a fight between the fallen beings that you of course need to free yourselves from.


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