Learning the lesson from a difficult physical condition

Question:  If in our life, we are suffering from a condition that is not terminal, but nevertheless does impact severely on the quality of our life, meaning that we are really only having an existence instead of life. There is little or no potential for healing or cure and we could live 20 to 30 more years in this way. Is it legitimate in this instance to end our own life? Do the masters think that we should stick it out to the bitter end?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well, if you are conscious and coherent enough to ask such a question, and consider the answer, then you’re also conscious and coherent enough to make positive use of the experience in terms of seeking to overcome certain conditions in your consciousness, some of the separate selves that relate to the condition.  So, basically we could say that if you are conscious enough to consider ending your own life, then you are also conscious enough to consider whether you have learned and overcome and resolved everything that you could potentially get out of this experience.

Therefore, I would strongly recommend that you make an effort to really learn and resolve as much as you possibly can. There are of course, people who are in such a state that they cannot make that decision, they couldn’t even make the decision to end their life and that’s a much more complicated issue where there really is not a general answer because it is individual and if there was somebody with some Christ discernment, it could easily be resolved, but in some cases it is up to the family members to make a decision and they must do that based on their level of consciousness.

There have been cases where a person for example, has been in a coma and that person had the Buddhic level of consciousness, and was therefore holding a spiritual balance by being in a physical environment. So if the family had decided to end the person’s life, it would actually have been a detriment to the planet and to the person. But there are also other times where the soul is simply trapped in the body, and is needlessly suffering, you are held back and it would be better for the soul to move on into other into higher realms and other experiences. If the family was able to tune into that, then it would help the soul progress.

We have already commented on whether you should take your own life or in some cases, stop a treatment that simply keeps the body alive beyond the natural course of the illness. So I will not go into that here.


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