Kindness does not mean that you never challenge or oppose other people

Question: Lord Maitreya’s dictation was about kindness and what that means on a dense planet such as earth. I mean, how do we stay being kind and not become a doormat?

Answer from the Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, this is indeed a difficult question to answer in a linear way, it is a challenge that all people need to go through. We have said that there is a point where you have this desire for control, this need for control, and you are willing to project out at other people in order to get the sense that you are in control. This of course is not kindness, so when you overcome that desire to be in control and all kinds of aggression towards other people, that is when you start manifesting what people normally call kindness.

Many people will then go through a phase where they almost overcompensate for feeling that they were not kind before. And so, they go into this passive view of what kindness is where they think that kindness means that you never challenge or oppose other people. You basically let them do whatever they want to do and then you always turn the other cheek, and this is kindness. But when I originally volunteered to come to earth, I raised a question of whether people on earth could be awakened through kindness. And the answer I received from my spiritual counselors at the time, was that only if I mastered the 144 shades of kindness.

In other words, there is a shade of kindness for each of the 144 levels. And when you go towards the lower levels of consciousness, or when you are dealing with a person at the lower levels of consciousness, being a doormat and allowing them to do whatever they want, it is not kindness, it is not kindness towards them, because it will only reinforce their state of consciousness that they can get away with abusing others.

When you are dealing with people at a lower level of consciousness, people who are aggressive, letting them get away with it is not kindness, it is actually kindness to challenge them. Not in the sense that you go into a physical battle with them, or that you seek to destroy them, but that you seek to make their behavior more obvious to others and ultimately, perhaps to themselves.

In other words, you seek to call them out, you seek to ask them questions of why they are behaving like this, why they think this is justified, why they think this is necessary, why they are not concerned about the effects on other people and various other questions that you can ask. And then of course, in some cases, kindness is to just walk away from these people and leave them alone, if they will not listen.

So, you can see here that whatever level of consciousness you are at personally, there is a shade of kindness that corresponds to that level. And that is what you can be aware of and seek to attain individually through an intuitive experience. You can certainly ask for my help, give my decree to help you see what kindness means for you at your level, but also what it means when you are dealing with specific people that you have to deal with. So, ask and I shall give it to you, to the extent that you are able to receive it by again being in that neutral state of listening.


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