Karma made below the 48th level

Question: Is karma from the first level of consciousness to the 47th level transmuted by using the Path To Self-Mastery Course? And so to gain more clarification, is the first to the 47th level of consciousness perversions of the seven rays?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, you can certainly say that there is a correspondence between the levels of consciousness below the 48th level and the perversions of the seven rays. You see that the Course Of Self-Mastery starts at the 48th level with the first ray, the seven initiations of the first ray, and you climb those seven levels by passing those initiations of the first ray, then moving on to the second ray.

How do you descend below the 48th level? Well, you start with that first initiation of the first ray. You fail to pass that initiation, so you pervert that level of consciousness, and then you go a step down, and then you keep going down. You can say that the lowest level of consciousness is the extreme perversion of the seventh ray, the seventh level of initiation on the seventh ray.

This is a valid way to look at it. It is also valid to say that as you are using the Course To Self-Mastery, and walking up, you will balance any karma you had made below the 48th level. You also have to realize here that most people who are open to the spiritual path in this lifetime have not gone to the lowest level of consciousness. There is no one saying that just because you were embodied on the planet for two million years, for example, that you have necessarily gone to the absolute lowest level of consciousness. Most of you have not even come anywhere near to that level. You have gone below the 48th level, most of you, but not to the very lowest levels. It is mostly fallen beings who are found at those levels of consciousness.

So, as most of you use the Course To Self-Mastery, there will come a point where you no longer have any karma to balance from below the 48th level. You will often feel that suddenly the path is lighter, it is easier to walk the different steps. Say you had gone 10 steps down, then when you go 10 steps up and have no more karma below the 48th level, it becomes much easier to pass the initiations from that point on.


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