Jesus’ physical and spiritual ascension

TOPICS: The linear mind sees contradictions – progressive revelation gives teachings for different levels of consciousness – you can ascend without having balanced 100% of your karma – two stages of ascension: physical and spiritual – Jesus ascended physically after his crucifixion – he ascended spiritually from the retreat of Shamballa – when you see contradictions, you need to raise your consciousness –

Question: The answer to your question about your relationship with Mary Magdalene brings up an interesting question. Some spiritual teachings say that you ascended from Bethany’s Hill shortly after your resurrection, pretty much as described in the official scriptures. However, later teachings say that you ascended from the etheric retreat of Shamballa at the age of 81. Some see this as a contradiction and that both cannot be right. Would you please comment on that?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I can understand that, when taken at face value, these teachings seem contradictory to people who are still trapped in a dualistic state of consciousness. Such people will always look at the letter of the law, and that is why they end up with many questions that cannot be answered or that seem to be contradictory. This can lead such people to engage in endless discussions, as did the Pharisees, the sadducees, the scribes and the lawyers of old. In fact, some of those people have reincarnated today, and they can be found in orthodox Christian organizations and in some New Age movements.

When you understand the nature of progressive revelation, you should not be surprised that one teaching was given in the early days of a movement and that a more advanced teaching on the same topic was given later. The purpose of any movement and spiritual teaching is to raise the consciousness of the followers. When that consciousness is raised, a more advanced teaching can and will be given. A true understanding of progressive revelation makes you realize that no spiritual teaching is ever set in stone. There is always the possibility that a more advanced teaching can be given.

From a superficial viewpoint it might seem as if the advanced teaching contradicts or invalidates the earlier teaching. In reality, the advanced teaching simply goes beyond the previous teaching because it was given from a higher state of consciousness. Therefore, it can be understood correctly only by people who have raised their consciousness by fully embodying the previous teaching. So for people who see a contradiction, there is only one possible explanation, namely that they have not fully embodied the earlier teaching, and that is why they cannot receive the inner instructions that allow them to resolve the conflict. (Obviously, there can be errors in any teaching that create a conflict, but even that can be resolved by the mature student through inner direction.)

In this case there is no error and there really is no conflict, but to see why you need to understand that there are two aspects of the process of the ascension. We teach that in this age it is not necessary for a lifestream to balance 100% of its karma before it can make its ascension. Because of the need to quickly raise the consciousness of humankind in order to facilitate the entry into the Aquarian age, a dispensation was given that allows the lifestream to take its ascension after it balances 51% of its karma. In other words, the lifestream does not have to return to embodiment after it balances 51%, but it does have to balance the remaining 49% from the spiritual realm.

When you consider this fact, you can plainly see that when the lifestream ascends with less than 100% of its karma balanced, the lifestream cannot fully go through the ritual of the ascension. This should make it clear that there are two aspects, or phases, of the ascension process. We might say that there is the physical aspect, which means that the lifestream has now ascended from the wheel of rebirth so that it does not have to return to embodiment. Yet there is also a spiritual aspect of the ascension, and this is a process that the lifestream can go through only after it balances all of its karma and meets the spiritual requirements for the ascension, meaning that it is completely done with everything the lifestream wanted to do on planet earth. So what I am saying here is that the fact that a lifestream leaves a physical body on earth for the last time does not mean that the lifestream is ready to go through the spiritual ascension.

My point here is that the teachings about my ascension described in the question are not contradictory. Both versions are accurate, but one refers to the physical ascension and another to the spiritual ascension. My mission in Galilee was meant to demonstrate the universal spiritual path that can lead a lifestream to attain Christ consciousness and win its permanent ascension. As the logical conclusion of my mission, I did indeed demonstrate a physical ascension whereby my resurrected body was raised from the earth and raised in vibration until I literally disappeared in a burst of light. This was to set forth a public record of what can be attained by any lifestream that walks the path to full Christhood. However, most lifestreams will leave their last embodiment with less than 100% karma balanced, and therefore they will not go through the physical ascension that I demonstrated. They will balance their karma from the spiritual realm and then go through the spiritual ascension.

When it was decided that I would take on an ascended master light body and return to live with Mary Magdalene, my spiritual ascension was postponed. One might say that I did not fully meet the requirements for the spiritual ascension because I still had unfinished business on earth. Therefore, I did not make my spiritual ascension until I had withdrawn from the earth at the age of 81. The spiritual ascension does not take place on planet earth; it takes place in a spiritual retreat that exists either in the etheric realm or in one of the spiritual realms. I did indeed ascend from the spiritual retreat of Shamballa, which is a retreat created by Sanat Kumara. This was appropriate because I came to earth to support the rescue mission of Sanat Kumara.

What I would like people to learn from this teaching is that as you grow on the spiritual path, it is absolutely essential that you make a conscious effort to overcome and leave behind the dualistic way of thinking. This is a fear-based way of thinking, and it must give way to a love-based approach to truth. Only when you look beyond dualism can you find the highest spiritual truths. Only when you seek answers with a loving heart and an open mind can you attain the highest spiritual insights that will empower you to put on the mind of Christ and fully attain your Christhood.

You must unlock and use your intuitive faculties instead of seeking “truth” through the human intellect. The higher truth of God is not linear or dualistic, and therefore it cannot be known through a linear and dualistic way of thinking. I rebuked the lawyers because they had refused to look beyond this way of thinking. They had refused to find or use the “key of knowledge,” and such people can literally spend lifetimes intellectualizing about spiritual truth without integrating even a morsel of that truth. Yet those who are willing to become as little children, and use the key of knowledge to find truth in the kingdom of God that is within them, can quickly integrate the higher truth that becomes the leaven and raises the whole loaf of their consciousness into full Christhood.

Therefore, do not let the lawyers of this day prevent you from entering your father’s kingdom. Simply leave them behind and follow me into the light of truth.


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