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TOPICS: Many Christians await the second coming, but it will not happen – people must uncreate what they have created – the true second coming is that many follow Jesus’ example – the most difficult challenge for Jesus – true message about individual Christhood – many Christians deny it to this day – success of a spiritual teacher – Jesus does not know if there will be a second coming – it is up to us –

Question: Many people still believe that you will come to earth again in the flesh. Others say that your second coming is a metaphor for people attaining the Christ consciousness. Would you please comment on what the second coming actually means?

(NOTE: This answer has two parts. The following text is adapted from the book: “The Christ Is Born in You.” This book has further teachings on the second coming that are not included here. After the excerpts are comments that were given as a specific response to this question.)

I am aware that millions of sincere and devout Christians are looking forward to an event that they describe as the second coming of Christ. There are many different theories and beliefs about this second coming and what it might be like. However, most of them describe an event in which I will appear “in the flesh” and remove all darkness and imperfections from this planet. I will appear as the king, and I will bring God’s kingdom to earth.

I am Jesus Christ, and I must tell you the truth about this matter. I very much desire to see the second coming of Christ as a physical reality on this planet. I very much desire to see my Father’s kingdom manifest on earth. However, I must tell you frankly that the event envisioned by most Christians simply will not come to pass. Allow me to explain why.

Let us begin by considering the historical fact that shortly before the year 1,000 many Christians believed the second coming of Christ was imminent. People believed that I would appear physically and roll up the world as a scroll. It is an undeniable fact that these expectations did not become a reality. Likewise, shortly before the year 2,000 many Christians expected the second coming of Christ as the inauguration of the new millennium. This did not come to pass.

Based on these observations, I hope you will accept the simple fact that I will not suddenly appear and remove all darkness from this world. There are two good reasons why this event will not come to pass.

The outer reason is the law of free will. I have told you elsewhere on this site that humankind has created the current conditions on planet earth. Therefore, these conditions are the solemn responsibility of humankind. People must learn that they are responsible for their use and misuse of God’s energy. Therefore, God will not simply take away from them that which they have created in violation of his laws.

God has provided a way out, so that people can uncreate the darkness they have created in ignorance. However, people must do so consciously and willingly. Planet earth is a schoolroom for the lifestreams of human beings. If God or I were to suddenly remove all imperfections created by human beings, then how could people possibly learn the lesson of life?

When you accept the law of free will, it should not be difficult to see that the second coming of Christ, as envisioned by many Christians, would prevent people from learning the lesson of life. I am a spiritual teacher. I want to see people learn the lesson of life. I will go far in my attempts to help people learn this lesson. However, I will not at take away people’s opportunity to learn that lesson.

Let me now explain the inner reason why the second coming of Christ will not be as envisioned by many Christians. It is the deepest desire of both God and myself to see you and all other human beings walk the path of personal Christhood and eventually put on the fullness of that Christhood. God wants all of his sons and daughters to come home and join the wedding feast in his kingdom. However, you can come home only by putting on the wedding garment of personal Christhood.

The point I am making here is that if I were to appear on earth in some sort of physical manifestation, that appearance would actually make it more difficult for people to put on their personal Christhood. You might remember that I warned people about false appearances related to my second coming. I told you that if people say that the Christ has appeared here or there, you should not go there. Why did I make that statement? Because as long as you think the Christ is appearing somewhere outside of you, you cannot accept that the Christ is appearing inside of you.

What I am saying here is that the second coming of Christ is indeed a real event which I and my Father in heaven are looking forward to. However, the second coming of Christ is not an event whereby the Christ will appear in the form of the individual known as Jesus Christ. The second coming of Christ is an event whereby the universal Christ mind will appear in individualized form through those people who are willing to walk the path of personal Christhood. In other words, the second coming of Christ is an event whereby the Christ appears in you.

This idea of the second coming in you is not blasphemy. It is very much part of God’s plan. When I appeared as the sole representative of the universal Christ, the powers that be quickly killed me. I do not intend to see this happen again. Therefore, I want thousands of people to put on the fullness of their personal Christhood. When that happens, the powers on this planet simply cannot kill all of them (and therefore are likely to kill none). I also want millions of people to put on a high degree of personal Christhood, so that they can bring forth the living word that I am. When that happens, the powers that be simply cannot silence all of them.

Therefore, I am asking you to understand that I do not want the first coming of Christ (my personal embodiment) to become a roadblock that prevents the second coming of Christ (in you).

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

(NOTE: The following text was given as a specific response to this question.)

I am aware that for many Christians the fact about the second coming (as stated here) can seem shocking. However, if you will take the time to review the teachings about how the idea that I am the only son of God came to be official church doctrine, you will gain a different perspective on the second coming (See this question).

I also desire you to understand that I am first and foremost a spiritual teacher. I can assure you that my embodiment in Galilee was not an easy task. I faced many difficulties, and I must tell you that the crucifixion was not the most difficult challenge I faced. The most difficult challenge of all was dealing with the people who had completely closed their minds to the truth that I came to bring.

In the past 2,000 years, I have grown greatly is spiritual attainment. Still, the most difficult task I face is people who have completely closed their minds to my true message. Ironically, many of these people call themselves Christians, and they use interpretations of scripture to deny my true message. My true message is the same today as it was 2,000 years ago. My true message is the message of individual Christhood.

If you try to imagine what it would be like to go through the trials I faced in my embodiment, I think you will realize that it was quite a sacrifice. I made the sacrifice out of love. Because of my love for people, I have absolute respect for their free will. If someone chooses to reject my inner message, then I must bow in respect for that person’s free will.

However, I must also tell you that as a spiritual teacher I would like to see that my sacrifice was not made in vain. I would like to see my mission and my teaching bear fruit. I would like to feel that my coming to earth as a spiritual teacher has been a success.

What is the ultimate success of a spiritual teacher? It is that his students embody his message to such a degree that they do greater works than the teacher himself. The ultimate success of my mission would be that people would accept and live the truth in the statement: “He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works shall he do.”

If no one dares, for whatever reason, to embody this statement, then I have failed as a teacher.

If no one dares to put on their personal Christhood, then my mission has failed. I did not come to earth to turn people into good Christians. I came to earth to see people manifest the fullness of personal Christhood and to walk the earth in that Christhood. I do not want my followers to be simply good Christians. I want my followers to be Christs.

If you love me, keep my commandments.
If you love me, dare to follow in my footsteps.
If you love me, dare to let that mind be in you which was, and is, also in Christ Jesus.
If you love me, accept that when you put on your personal Christhood you can do the works that I did.

My beloved, these ideas are not blasphemy. These ideas are the living truth that I am, the living truth of God that I came to bring to this planet.

At this moment, I do not know if there is going to be a second coming of Christ on planet earth. God does not know if there is going to be a second coming. We do not know this because the second coming is an an event that is outside of our control. It is an event that depends on the free-will choices made by human beings in embodiment.

If there is to be a second coming, then someone must dare to put on personal Christhood. I do not need everyone to put on the fullness of their Christhood. But I do need millions of people to willingly and consciously make a sincere effort to manifest a high degree of Christhood.

If there is to be a second coming, then someone must dare to be the Christ in embodiment. My beloved heart, if you are reading these teachings that someone could be you.


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