Jesus did get irritated once in a while

Question: Did Jesus get irritated with his disciples?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Contrary to the image painted by mainstream Christians, I was not a perfect human being while I was in embodiment. I was walking the spiritual path during the three years of my Palestinian mission. I had not reached full Christhood when I started it, and so I would have a certain impatience that would sometimes cause me to be irritated with my disciples, when they failed to grasp what I was about. If you could hear the tone of voice I had, when I said to Peter: “Get behind Me, Satan”, you would have said that I was clearly irritated in that situation. I was, in several cases, irritated with Peter, who, quite frankly, was the one disciple that had the hardest time grasping my message.

And therefore it is, of course, a great irony that the Catholic Church has made him out to be the first pope, and are basing their entire church on the consciousness of Peter. I would certainly back then have been very irritated with the Catholic Church as well.

Today, of course, as an ascended master, you do not get irritated. But you have to recognize here that when you have a mission like I had, I was under a tremendous pressure. There was a tremendous attack by dark forces, by collective entities, by fallen beings. And it is, quite frankly, not unreasonable that spiritual people who are under a certain amount of pressure can get irritated.

It is something you just have to look at and say, okay, while it happens, you try to not make it something that becomes an accelerating spiral but when it happens, you just have to move on. If it is caused by separate selves, then you can, of course, look at this.

But there are some times where people can have resolved most of their psychology and still get irritated, just because they are under such pressure, that just the energy they are dealing with can make them agitated. I am not saying this as an excuse, but simply as an explanation. Sometimes you just have to recognize that, okay, this happens, and then you move on.


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