Jesus can no longer carry a portion of world karma

TOPICS: Purpose of major change is education of lifestreams – people have ignored God’s law and have created many imbalances – free will and karma – Jesus took on a portion of world karma for the past 2,000 years – people have not used the opportunity to learn their lessons – Jesus can no longer carry this karma and it will begin to descend – some people cannot be awakened by spiritual teachings – can only be awakened by a calamity – all calamities are birth pains for a new age –

Question: Now what my concern is for those Christians that are true and faithful to God and who need to be warned about the coming judgment so they can prepare for their families. Will a warning be given to them?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Mother Mary, myself and other members of the ascended masters have given many warnings and prophecies. We are constantly working with individuals and groups, in the Christian community and elsewhere, to give them warnings as they are able and willing to receive them. This work will continue, as long as people are open to our directions.

Many people have a sense, an inner, intuitive sense, that changes are coming in the earth. I would much prefer that people who are sensitive use their own intuitive faculties, make an effort to tune in to their Christ selves, and get their own inner direction about this. Why would I prefer this? Because the purpose of the coming changes is the education of lifestreams and the bringing in of a new spiritual awareness. This spiritual awareness must come from within on an individual basis.

To understand what is happening, you need to recognize that the earth is a schoolroom for lifestreams. We of the ascended masters have given forth many religious and spiritual teachings in the hope that people will use these teachings to increase their understanding of God’s law. By doing so, people would know the law and know how to live in a way that does not violate the laws that determine the evolution of the universe.

Unfortunately, many people have chosen to ignore God’s laws, and therefore they have created many conditions on the earth that are out of alignment with God’s law and intent. Many people have descended into such ignorance that they have no idea that what they are doing is a violation of God’s law. That is why I said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

When people do not learn from spiritual teachings, the law itself will be their teacher. The two fundamental laws that govern life on this planet are the Law of Free Will, which gives people the right to do anything they choose, and the Law of Cause and Effect, which makes sure that they can never escape the consequences of their actions.

As I have explained in several places on this website, everything you do is done with God’s energy. So when you violate God’s law, you misqualify God’s energy. As the laws of science demonstrate, energy cannot be destroyed. Therefore, misqualified energy must be returned to the person who created it so that the person might have an opportunity to undo the error. This is what the Bible describes in the saying that as a man sows, so must he also reap. This is what eastern religion calls karma and the law of karma.

As explained elsewhere, I have been permitted to take upon myself a portion of people sins, or karma. The purpose for this was to give humankind a reprieve, a chance to embody the spiritual teachings that I brought to this planet 2,000 years ago. Unfortunately, in part due to the perversion of the Christian religion, most people have not made full use of this opportunity.

We are now in the process of entering the next 2,000-year cycle in the spiritual evolution of this planet. At such a time, we of the ascended masters must take stock and evaluate what has happened over the past 2,000 years.

Contrary to the image presented by so many religions, God never intends to punish human beings. Everything that happens on earth is for the education of lifestreams. As I have said, we of the ascended masters would prefer to educate lifestreams through our spiritual teachings. Yet when people ignore our teachings or fail to understand their true meaning, we have no other option but to educate people by letting them carry their own burdens. It has therefore, in July of 2003, been decided by a special counsel that humankind must reap the fruits of their misqualification of God’s energy.

It has been decided that we will no longer be allowed to carry a certain portion of people’s misqualified energy. Therefore, this energy will now be allowed to descend, and in so doing it will create various calamities.

We of the ascended masters are constantly seeking to awaken people and make them stop violating God’s laws and thereby hurting themselves, each other and their planetary home. One way is to send spiritual teachers, but they are often ignored by most people. Yet when a calamity occurs, even some of the most spiritually blind people will suddenly wake up and look for answers, often turning to religion. I regret that this is so, but it is an undeniable reality on planet earth—at least for now. Therefore, we must let the energy descend so that people can be awakened the hard way.

I will not give any detailed prophecies in this place. I will say that in the coming years there will be many events that are so dramatic that hardly anyone on the earth will be unaffected by them. Prophecy is a complicated matter. Yet I will say that there will be upheavals in society, in the form of social unrest, wars and economic realignments. Likewise, there will be upheavals in nature in the form of extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, volcanoes and other natural disasters. There might even be global changes. As an example, you have already seen more extreme weather in 2003 than normal. This will continue and likely accelerate.

As I have clearly stated in my discourses on prophecy, I do not want people to go into a vibration of fear. I want them to see that whatever comes upon the earth is birth pains that will eventually give rise to a better age, a more spiritual age in which people will finally break through to a new awareness that they are creating their own reality. Therefore, it is up to them to take up their roles as co-creators and bring God’s kingdom to earth.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels