J.S. Bach and a higer energetic matrix in his music 

Question: Some people say that Bach the composer was an embodiment of Kuthumi or Djwal Khul. Is that true? Plus, what is the reason why so many people say they have had divine experiences through Bach’s music?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

None of those are correct. But Bach was able to tune in to certain ascended masters, not Djwal Khul or Kuthumi, they had not ascended at the time, and therefore he was able to receive a certain energetic matrix that was incorporated into his music. This is not to say that he was the only composer who could do so. Mozart had some ability, Handel had some ability, and several other composers.

It is not necessary to create some cult of idolatry around a particular composer, but just to simply tune in intuitively. If there is a certain music that appeals to you that resonates with you to give you a higher experience, then you listen to it, but you do not need to have this mental overlay of, oh, that composer was so advanced and he was an incarnation of such-and-such ascended master or all of these kinds of things that some ascended master students go into to a point that is not balanced.

Again, what have we talked about in this conference? Overcoming the ideological mindset that always wants to impose some mental evaluation. You get the biggest benefit from music by neutralizing the mental mind so you can listen to it with a neutral state of mind and therefore have the best possible experience rather than listening to it with this mental overlay that this is supposed to be special in some way, and therefore you are almost trying to force yourself to have an experience.


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