What kind of a democracy we want to live in?

Question:  There is an invocation that says, “Help us stop resisting human evil.” Can you discuss this invocation in relation to the resistance movement in America, which is against the efforts of the current government?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

In a sense we have already commented on this by saying that the election of Trump has awakened certain people. Some have gone into a dualistic state of mind, thinking they have to fight him and others have realized that it is a matter of raising the consciousness beyond what they see him as representing. The reality is that if you fight evil you reinforce evil. You are not helping raise the planet above evil by fighting it. You only perpetuate the spiral that keeps evil alive. Those are the teachings we have given on the epic mindset and the epic causes that make you think that it is so necessary to fight evil that it justifies killing other people or in other ways forcing them. This is, of course, not healthy.

What we look for is for people to step up higher and realize that it isn’t so important to oppose Trump or not oppose Trump; it is a matter of identifying what kind of a democracy, what kind of nation, we want to live in. What kind of a consciousness do we not want to dominate our nation and then how do we raise our nation beyond that?

We start by looking at ourselves and raising ourselves beyond that state of consciousness. When we have freed ourselves from that state of consciousness, we might be able to see something that we cannot see today, so that we can actually find a constructive way to work with other people instead of opposing them.

Quite frankly, how long does humankind need to be engaged in this struggle of one group of people opposing another group of people? When do we get to a point where people realize we are in this together?

We can achieve much more if we find a way to work together in a constructive mindset rather than this dualistic clash where we always think that something is right or something is wrong and we have to destroy the evil or we have to win over these other people. It would be the higher outcome of any situation, any conflict situation, if people step up to that level. Again, first look at the beam in your own eye then you will see clearly to help your brother pull out the splinter in his eye.


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