It is important for Kazakhstan to have more of an international presence in the world

Question: What is the problem of the modern Kazakhstan? Is there a demographic problem? Kazakhstan has a very small population but its territory is very large also Kazakhstan is very rich in resources that are desired by its neighbours, the two superpowers Russia and China. Is there something in the national psychology of the Kazakh people which makes this nation vulnerable? How do we overcome the demographic problem for Kazakhstan? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

Well the demographic problem is of course not something you can overcome because you can’t change the demographics unless of course you give away territory to your neighbours and the country becomes smaller. That is of course not what I envision. What I envision is that gradually as the collective consciousness is raised there will be an emergence of a stronger national identity but at a much higher level than has been there before. This will allow the Kazakh people to become a self-governing nation with a strong enough national sense of identity that they will not be overrun by their neighbours.

I will say that, in this respect it is important that you open more ties to the West and that you continue the transition already begun by the current President especially in terms of adopting the Latin alphabet and other changes that opens up Kazakhstan to having more of an international presence. The reason why I say this is that the situation is in a sense, very clear. What can prevent Kazakhstan from being interfered with by its big neighbours in the future is a more international awareness. In other words that the international community around the world becomes more aware of Kazakhstan as a nation, more aware of the Kazakh people’s right to live in their own country without being dominated by Russia or China.

Now my beloved, whatever you may think of your current President, let me tell you that if you had not had a dominant, strong President that could hold Russia and China at bay, you would already have had much more interference from your two big neighbours than you have. You could say that even because of the threat of interference from the North and the South, Kazakhstan needed this very strong leadership in order to create a deterrent for China and Russia. You could even say that to some degree the longevity of the current President depends somewhat on this very delicate situation both in Russia and China, how aggressive the leadership is, when there will be a leadership change in these two nations or when the awareness of the international community will shift so that there isn’t such a big risk that China or Russia will move in if a vacuum is created by the current President no longer being there.


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