ISIS and Russia

Question: In Russian social media there is a lot of information about ISIS but almost nothing about North Korea.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

Well my beloved, social media cannot be considered an entirely accurate way to get your news or to find out what is truly important, but it can of course be used to see what is important to the people of a certain nation. But this can in some cases be induced by the regular media or even by governments where people are fed a certain line that something is a greater threat than it is. You will see this in all nations around the world, where there is always a certain manipulation of the news media that have a tendency to exaggerate certain things.

Quite frankly, the threat of Islamic State and other Islamic terrorist groups has been exaggerated since 911. You will say of course, there have been recent attacks in England and France and other nations, and so does this not prove that they are still a threat. Well yes my beloved, certainly they are a threat but look at what Saint Germain said in his dictation of how the fallen beings have used this as an excuse for getting democratic governments to infringe upon the rights of their citizens.

And so, quite frankly IS is less of a threat to the western world than it is to the Arabic world as you can see in the situation in Syria. It is really something that instead of putting attention on this from the western perspective of how IS is a threat to the west, it should actually be seen as a sign that the religion of Islam has gone into a state of self destruction, simply because it has become a closed system. It has remained a closed system for far too long, with its Sharia law and other very conservative, reactionary and Islamic initiatives and groups. It has reached the proportion where Muslims are now killing each other.

IS have killed far more Muslims than non-Muslims. Really, this is what people in the west should be focusing on so that it could hopefully gradually spill over and people in Islamic countries would also begin to talk about this so that you could force a situation where there is that awareness that all Islamic nations, all Muslim nations, need to take a critical look at their religion and acknowledge the very fact that it is simply out of touch with the times, and that drastic reforms are needed.

If those reforms are not made, you will continue to see more of these groups, extremist groups, where Muslims will be killing Muslims and you could in a sense say that the civil war, so called, in Syria is just a preview of what could come all over the Arabic world if Islam is not reformed and opened up so that quite frankly, Islam can become compatible with a true democracy, which Islam in its more fundamentalist form simply isn’t right now.


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