Is there anything behind God’s consciousness?

Question: Is there anything behind God’s consciousness? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

No, because God’s consciousness is omnipresent. So how can there be a front and behind? This concept is localized, and it has meaning in the time space universe. But when you reach God Consciousness, it has no meaning any longer. Now, you could say from a certain other perspective, that there is a Creator who created your creation. And is there a higher level of consciousness than that Creator? And yes, there is, as we talked about, some years ago, there was a state we call the Allness that is so different from what you have in your world of form, that we really can’t even in a meaningful way put words on it. You could express it that way, that there is growth there, there is even a certain growth at the level of the Creator Consciousness, because the Creator grows by creating. It’s important not to think of this in terms of these spatial concepts that you have here.

We could say that everything we have given you so far on the Creator and the Creator Consciousness (and we have given you a relatively little), and the reason we have given you so little is that when you get to the Creator Consciousness, you really run into the limitation of words. There are no words that can be used on a planet like Earth that really describe the Creator Consciousness. And almost any words we give people as can be seen by many of the religions of the past, can be and will be misinterpreted and misused. The best way to grasp the Creator Consciousness is to have an experience of the Creator Consciousness. And that is across what the spiritual path can lead you towards.


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