Is the messiah in the Old Testament and New Testament the same?

TOPICS: Jesus is the Messiah of the OT – Messiah is incarnation of the word – spiritual office, can be held by various individuals – second coming of the Messiah –

Question: If the Old Testament speaks about the messiah coming….is the messiah yet to come? I wonder if the messiah mentioned in the Old Testament is related to the messiah mentioned in the New Testament.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

When you interpret the word Messiah in the simplest and most direct way, the Messiah of the Old Testament has already come. I am that Messiah.

From the New Testament you can see that I did and said certain things that show that I considered myself to be the Messiah of the Old Testament. To be quite honest with you, I did and said certain things deliberately to establish a connection between myself and the prophecies of the Old Testament. However, I must say that the Gospel writers did embellish upon the facts to make this connection even stronger, and therefore make it more likely that the Jews would accept me as the Messiah and accept Christianity.

When you define the word Messiah in a deeper sense, you realize that the Messiah is a spiritual title, a spiritual office. That office can be held only by a person who has reached a certain level of consciousness, namely what I call Christ consciousness on my website. The person therefore has become the incarnation of the universal Christ consciousness, or what the Gospel of John called the incarnation of the word.

This spiritual office is independent of and transcends any single person. In other words, I was not the first person in the history of this planet to fulfill the requirements of the Messiah and to hold the spiritual office of the Messiah. And I sincerely hope that I will not be the last person to hold this office. In the East, the Lord Krishna did hold the office of Messiah for the evolutions that honor him even today. The Lord Buddha also held this office as did several other people in the distant past not known to present-day historians.

So what I am saying here is that the Messiah is a spiritual office that is independent of any one person or any particular time. Therefore, one might rightfully say that the Messiah is yet to come, meaning that the Messiah of the present time and future times is still to come.

In other places, I have talked about the importance of the second coming. I have also talked about the fact that there are currently 10,000 people in embodiment on earth who are ready to manifest a high degree, even the full degree, of personal Christhood. These people have the potential to become the Messiahs of the current age. The entire idea of my ministry was to raise other people up to attain the Christ consciousness so that the second coming of the Messiah would be the coming of 10,000 Christed ones on this planet. Certain passages in both the Old and the New Testament can be interpreted as referring to the present-day coming of the Messiah and some even refer to a future coming.

So once again you see the danger of imposing a narrow or literal interpretation on biblical passages that can indeed have more than one meaning. In fact, all spiritual scriptures can be understood at many different levels of consciousness. So there is more than one correct interpretation, and the different interpretations might indeed simply be reflections of different states of consciousness. Obviously, there are also incorrect interpretations that reflect a lower state of consciousness.


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