Is meditation the best way to experience God?

Question: Kim, thank you for your site.  I have studied spiritual teachings for years and meditated, but it was not until I discovered your site that the pieces all seemed to come together.  I have been doing many of the rosaries and affirmations along with prayer and meditation.  Here is my question for Jesus.  My concern is that even though I feel God’s presence, I have not yet had a direct contact experience and I tend to believe that this would most likely occur during meditation.  I’ve read Autobiography of a Yogi and feel inspired to study Kriya Yoga.  The SRF Fellowship indicates that Jesus was initiated in this yogic practice.  Their study course is 3-1/2 years long and involves initiation into Kriya Yoga.  However, on this site Jesus seems to discourage the meditation path for those in the Western culture, or am I interpreting that incorrectly?  Could Jesus provide some guidance on the value of this type of meditation to make the connection with our inner God self.  Or are there other spiritual techniques that are more effective?  I have prayed and meditated for an answer to this question, but to this date I continue to be without an answer.

Answer from Jesus – September 2, 2011

During my 17 so-called “lost years,” I did travel in the East and I did experiment with and learned a number of Eastern spiritual techniques, as I was indeed very open to learning anything that might help me in my mission—which at the time I did not fully understand or “see.”

I did learn something that is comparable to Kriya Yoga, but to say that what I learned is the same or was taught the same way as what the SRF Fellowship is offering today would be a misrepresentation. You also need to remember that I learned many other Eastern techniques, so it is not my intent here to endorse or recommend any one technique.

Everything is meant to evolve over time, as change is indeed the order of the day on this planet (due to the fact that the collective consciousness is lagging behind the growth rate of the rest of the universe). So even though Indian gurus have a tendency to claim they have rediscovered a lost technique, it simply isn’t possible to separate a spiritual technique from its context, meaning the society in which it is used and the level of the collective consciousness at the time. Which explains why we of the Ascended Host do not generally recommend Eastern meditation techniques for Western students.

Now, I know there are people who will immediately reason that this statement alone means I am not the real Jesus. For example, many SRF students will reason that since Yogananda was working with the real Jesus, then anything said on this site should be in complete agreement with what Yogananda said—and if it is not, this can only mean this site is not from the real Jesus. Of course, people from other movements or gurus do exactly the same.

Yet for those with a more discerning mind, let me make it clear that I did indeed work with Yogananda. Yet what I could bring forth through Yogananda was very much a product of how far he was able to transcend his own background, as this website is a product of how much this messenger can transcend his own background.

You see, an ascended being has transcended ALL backgrounds on earth and is always seeking to get people to do the same, starting with their current world view. Thus, we are indeed willing to work with most people who are willing to transcend, and we always seek to bring forth something that can help a certain group of people transcend their current thought system.

What causes many otherwise sincere students to miss our instructions is two things:

  • The belief that we of the Ascended Host have a universal, fixed or absolute truth up here that we are seeking to bring forth in its complete non-diluted form.
  • The belief that we have already brought forth parts of this truth, and thus anything said after a certain guru or movement MUST conform to what was said before.

It is precisely these beliefs that cause people to become stuck in misguided loyalty to an outer teaching, guru or movement. Which not only causes their personal growth to come to a halt, but also causes the universal work on raising humankind’s consciousness to slow down.

This is also what causes a clear pattern in spiritual movements, that any honest student can observe, namely what we might call the “expand and deflate” syndrome. You will see a number of spiritual movements that have gone through a quick growth phase, only to then stagnate and slowly deflate. The deflation often begins with the death or retirement of the leader, but it sometimes starts even before.

The reason for this deflation is that either the leader or a majority of the students of a movement cannot or will not multiply the talents—in the form of the teachings or techniques given. You see, there is a spiritual law, which guides ANY spiritual movement.

Contrary to what many ascended master students think, we are NOT working with just one or a few movements. We are working with students wherever they are, seeking to accelerate the growth of the students—having no fixed loyalty to an outer teaching or movement. Which means that if a movement is indeed helping people transcend their old thought patterns, we will give a certain multiplication to that movement.

Take note that this does not mean we endorse or agree with everything done or taught in the movement. There have been many movements which had a teaching that was largely out of touch with reality, yet the movement was still helping people transcend their old level of consciousness, and thus it received the multiplication factor—and it was our multiplication that caused it to grow.

Yet what often happens is that a movement cannot maintain the growth rate, and the reason is that too many students stop transcending themselves. Instead, they use the teachings and the tools to reinforce the world view of their egos, meaning they now feel superior to others and feel they will be “saved” without having to expose their egos.

When that happens, a true guru will leave the movement, and in many cases even leave embodiment. A not-so-true guru will stay, but the movement will now become subject to the force behind the second law of thermodynamics, wherefore chaos will increase, until the movement breaks down or slowly declines.

So my point for this long discourse is to show why certain Eastern gurus have been successful in establishing a movement in the West and also why they usually decline after a time. The reason is that in most cases, Eastern gurus cannot sufficiently transcend their backgrounds and adapt their teachings and techniques to the Western mindset.

You see, in most cases an Eastern guru comes to the West with a subtle sense that the spiritual tradition of the East is superior. The guru thinks he is here to bring something superior, and thus it is not he who has anything to learn. Which is why you see that Eastern gurus are usually not very willing to adapt to the Western mindset.

Yet when an Eastern guru comes to the West, that guru is being severely tested in his or her ability to be flexible. You see, you will not help the forward movement of humankind by seeking to turn Western spiritual students into clones of Eastern spiritual students. You will further growth ONLY if you can distill the truly universal elements of your spiritual tradition and then express it in a Western context. One of the few Eastern techniques having been successfully transferred to the West is yoga, and the reason is that it has not been under a centralized control but allowed to diversify.

What ads to the complexity of the situation is that there are many of today’s spiritual students who chose to embody in the West in order to help with the spiritual awakening of the West. Yet for several lifetimes before this one, they were embodied in the East, and thus they have not themselves transcended Eastern spiritual tradition. They are attracted to Eastern gurus, and once there, they think the Eastern tradition is not only familiar to them but also superior and thus should not be changed.

So, you see, like attracts like. The guru who has spiritual pride in the Eastern tradition attracts students with the same pride, and they together reinforce each other in creating a closed system that will eventually decline.

What you are essentially dealing with here is the eternal challenge of balancing the two basic forces of creation, namely the expansive and the contracting force. The expansive force says you need to transcend the old, and the contracting says you need to remain true to tradition.

If you become unbalanced in the expansive, you will indeed lose your bearings and everything will be blown apart in an uncontrolled expansion. Yet if you become unbalanced in the contracting force, everything will contract and implode from within.

So the key is the Christ perspective, which is always seeking to expand, but is NOT seeking to get everyone to accept one superior truth. The Christ meets people where they are and then seeks to help them grow from there. And if people are not willing to transcend the old, then the Christ withdraws (if they do not kill him first).

This explains why I left my students after three years and why Yogananda left his students when he saw that SRF had reached the limits of transcendence. The Living Christ has no loyalty to anything on earth, but always looks to the next level of transcendence.

Now, that we have a better foundation, let me address the original questions:

“However, on this site Jesus seems to discourage the meditation path for those in the Western culture, or am I interpreting that incorrectly?”

I am discouraging people from plunging themselves into using meditation as it is often presented by Eastern gurus, namely as a “one solution to all problems” and as their only spiritual technique. The West is a very busy, intense and chaotic environment when it comes to the psychic energies to which you are exposed in daily life. It is NOT advisable that anyone uses a technique for stilling or emptying the mind without invoking spiritual protection, such as through our decrees and invocations.

Take note that what we always encourage is that people follow their own inner promptings. If you feel a strong attraction to for example Kriya Yoga, the reason is that you need to learn something from that experience. What you need to learn will in some cases be that this is not for you, but most people still cannot learn this by being told from without. So if you feel a strong attraction, follow it—but be alert that the true spiritual lesson may be beyond what you outer mind can conceive right now.

“Could Jesus provide some guidance on the value of this type of meditation to make the connection with our inner God self.  Or are there other spiritual techniques that are more effective?”

What we are talking about here are two very different things, namely a systematic technique and an experience of the formless God. Take note of what is said in the question:

My concern is that even though I feel God’s presence, I have not yet had a direct contact experience and I tend to believe that this would most likely occur during meditation.

The problem here is that many people seek an experience of God, yet they think they have to use a systematic approach in order to produce or even “force” the experience. This simply cannot be done. The formless will NEVER be forced into ANY form, so you need to question any image of what God is like and what a mystical experience should be like.

Many people think they have had an experience of God as the result of using some technique or even taking drugs. Yet what they have done is to force their brains and nervous systems to produce an experience so far beyond their normal experience, that they thought it was God.

Do you see the subtle distinction? ANY experience you force will be produced by the mind, and it will take place INSIDE the mind—and as such it CANNOT GO BEYOND THE MIND. Yet a true experience of God is completely and utterly beyond the mind.

Do you see the impossibility of using the mind as a tool for transcending the mind—it can NEVER be done. The more you focus on using the mind, the more you tie your true self to the mind. Because your very attention creates a bond of energy that causes YOU to be imprisoned by the mind, which is meant to be only a tool for interacting with the material world. How can you use this tool to go beyond the material world?

So the key to having an experience of God is to realize that there is nothing you can DO to bring it about.

This is not to say you should not use a technique. A proper technique can further your growth in terms of clearing your mind and balancing your chakras, which will make it easier to have an experience of God. The more you reduce the chaos in your mind, the easier it will be for YOU to free your awareness from identification with the mind.

One of the most efficient techniques available right now is the Elohim Decrees. Although we have not (deliberately so) announced them with great fanfare, they represent a major dispensation for clearing and balancing all of your chakras. Yet again, this is not to say that using them will guarantee you an experience of God.

A mystical experience cannot be predicted, because it is beyond form. Thus, you cannot meaningfully define what a mystical experience should be like—it will take different forms for different people.

So the key is to focus on using a technique that is attractive to you, but never allowing it to become routine. Never allow yourself to fall into the pattern seen in so many movements, where people think they have to continue to use a technique for the rest of their lives and that this will guarantee them some result. You must be very alert to when your higher self prompts you to move on to a new technique or a higher use of your present technique.

You also need to get yourself out of the mindset of seeking or even wanting a mystical experience. If you want something, it is because you have a mental image of what the experience should be like, and that is like seeking to force God to appear to you in a certain form. That is a graven image, which will almost certainly block your experience of the formless God.

Instead, focus on raising your consciousness, so you can give better service in the universal cause of raising all life. In other words, many well-meaning seekers have become so focused on themselves and having a peak experience, that they have become closed systems. You need to get out of the narcissistic mindset, and the only way is to focus on serving others or a greater cause—but doing so selflessly and not in order to elevate your ego.

So you need to strive for a state of complete non-attachment to what form of mystical experience you should have—and even whether you should have such an experience. If you can achieve this, you might just transcend the outer mind to SPONTANEOUSLY have an experience. But then again, you might not have a mystical experience, because many people can make progress without one or by having just one.

You are on earth to fulfill a mission here and qualify for your ascension. Earth is far from being an ideal environment for experiencing oneness with God. You have only a certain amount of time to qualify for your ascension, but once you ascend, you have unlimited time to experience oneness with God. Set your priorities accordingly.


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