Is Maitreya the true savior?

TOPICS: True masters seek to help people overcome illusion of separation – they do not do the work for us – Maitreya has not taken embodiment –

Question: Is it true that Maitreya is the coming savior who will appear in an undeniable manifestation and take the earth and humanity into a golden age? Is it true that Maitreya has taken physical embodiment? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (November 23, 2010)

If you read my discourse on the true way of Christ, you will see that we of the ascended masters have it as our goal to awaken all people to their divine origin and potential by helping them overcome the illusion of separation, the illusion of anti-christ. This means that we are not going to come and “save humankind,” nor are we going to appear in some undeniable and spectacular manifestation. Doing so would only serve to reinforce the illusion of separation—which would be in opposition to our true mission.

If this planet is going to be raised up to a Golden Age, it will not happen by some external force – be it myself, Maitreya or UFOs – doing all the work for people. It will happen by a critical mass of people discovering and acknowledging their own Christ potential. God will not save the earth through me; God will save the world through you and many people like you—if you become the open doors.

So the claim that Maitryea will appear in a spectacular manifestation and solve all of humankind’s problems is completely out of touch with the ascended masters and the Aquarian Age. It is an expression of the perverted Piscean consciousness, and it is long outdated. This was the exact same consciousness of the fallen beings that raised me up as an exception, so that people could not grasp my true message, namely that all people have a Christ potential.

Likewise, the claim that Maitreya has taken physical embodiment is out of touch with the Buddhic teachings on the coming Buddha. Maitreya will not take embodiment as one human being. Maitryea might “take embodiment” through many human beings who become the open doors for him and his light and truth. Yet that is truly not taking embodiment any more than God took embodiment through me, when I appeared as one human being. In other words, the totality of an ascended being will not take embodiment through an individual or even a group of individuals.



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