Is Benjamin Netanyahu a fallen being?

Question: Is Benjamin Netanyahu or his relatives fallen beings? Is his mind taken over by external beings in a way similar to Putin? Why do we see, and we saw from the very beginning, the kind of idolatry for him, similar to a dictator? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, let me be direct here, Benjamin Netanyahu is a fallen being. Generally, we do not say this except in special cases where it needs to be said. It really doesn’t make so much difference whether a person is a fallen being or has his taken over by fallen beings.

In this case, Benjamin Netanyahu is not a high ranking or sophisticated fallen being, so his mind is taken over by fallen beings in the emotional, mental and identity realms. This is the reason why you see this idolatrous cult around him. It is not necessarily in all cases, but in the majority of cases, where you see this personality cult being built around a person, especially when it is with the active involvement or participation by the person, then it is because it is a fallen being.

The fallen beings have a need to have this kind of a personality cult. They also have a need to set themselves up in a position where nobody dares to object to them and people blindly follow their dictates. This is unfortunately what is the case here and it is my hope that the Israeli nation will soon move beyond the phase where he is the leader and can therefore hopefully elect a more constructive leader. But again, with the unresolved psychology, it is possible that they will just elect another leader that is if not a fallen being then certainly open to them—to being led by the fallen beings in other realms.


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