Iran, other islamic countries and the Golden Age

Question: I would like to know the masters’ opinion about Iran and the spiritual movement there. I would also like to know the masters’ view about the Islamic revolution in Iran that happened 40 years ago and about its leader Ayatollah Khomeini. I wish to hear some message from Master Zarathustra the ancient Iranian prophet if it is possible. Thank you.

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

The Islamic revolution both in Iran and in other countries was clearly a backward step, in the sense that it wasn’t the highest potential for any of these countries. The Sharia Law is an attempt to go backwards rather than go forwards and so the leaders of many of these revolutions in the Arab countries have been fallen beings and Khomeini is just one among them. This is not necessarily so that we consider this from a larger perspective a disaster, in the sense that we have always said that if people want to learn through the school of hard knocks then they must take things to the extreme – when the knocks get hard enough to awaken them to the reality that they need to change, this can be a step in that process.

Of course the Middle East countries will not make a significant leap forward until they basically adopt the kind of government that you see in many other parts of the world where you separate the secular and the religious. There is much more to say about this concept of why it has been necessary to separate government from the religious authorities. What I will say now is that it simply has been proven by experience that the only way to have a more open and democratic form of government is to separate the two.

A religious authority is at present far too open to abuse. In too many cases the fallen beings manage to insert themselves as the religious authorities thereby they can set themselves up as having the authority of God and therefore being beyond questioning. You basically cannot move into the Golden Age mindset and have a Golden Age form of government if the people are not participating in the government, they cannot do that if they cannot question their government. If the government takes on some kind of unquestionable authority, you cannot move into a Golden Age form of government.


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