Internal Family Systems therapy

Question: There is a form of therapy known as Internal Family Systems (IFS). It is very similar to the teaching about separate selves but there is also a focus on the concept that you can communicate with your separate selves to make them go away or take on a lesser role. Do the ascended masters have any suggestions for utilizing this form of therapy more effectively beyond what is already being taught now? For example, are there any common mistakes people make when they try to communicate with a separate self? Can you combine other modalities to help see your separate selves easier whereas to integrate ascended master teachings into the process?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

As we have said many times, we work with many different people in many different capacities as they are able to tune in to us and the ideas we are releasing. We are not seeking to create any kind of a monopoly and we do, in fact, hope that many of the therapists that are open to an alternative form of therapies will, at one point, find the ascended masters teachings and see how some of the ideas we are releasing can enhance their particular form of therapy that they have either developed or decided to use.

In terms of communicating with internal spirits, there are several different therapies that use this technique. For example, you can communicate with your inner child, you can communicate with your inner critic, and so forth and so on. It is not that this cannot work but you have to be careful here, because once you have created these entities, whatever you want to call them: your internal family, your inner child, your inner critic, your separate selves—once you have created this, they will have a certain survival instinct, so they will want to survive and in order to survive, they are often willing to morph themselves into a different form that then becomes acceptable to you.

There are people who have communicated with such an inner self and caused it to morph into a form that they find acceptable, but which is still limiting them. In other words, they have not actually overcome it, they have not transcended it, they have not gotten rid of it. And in the long term, you have to get rid of all of these, whatever you call them, you have to get rid of them.

And how do you get rid of them? Not by reasoning with them, because as we have said about separate selves, they are like computer programs, you cannot reason with them to the point where they suddenly give up existing. They will fight for their lives, they can morph, but they cannot be reasoned with to see that they should just lie down and die. They will die only when you who created them transcend and neutralize the decision that caused you to create them. And you need to do this consciously by being willing to see this as a separate entity in your mind that simply needs to go.

You need to let it die, to be willing to let it die. And when you are willing to let it die, it will die, maybe after some time where it has been starved of energy. And you can speed up that process by giving the invocations and decrees, which of course, are also tools that many, many therapists out there could benefit from using. It is simply a matter of: Do you want the biggest possible effect for your clients?

Then it is not a matter of giving credit to the ascended masters or this messenger, it is simply a matter of saying: Are these tools effective? Let’s try it out. Let’s do an experiment and use these ascended master tools, decrees and invocations along with the ideas of separate selves and letting them die and see if that helps our clients. And if it does, then we use them without necessarily becoming ascended master students or loyal to a particular organization or messenger. We simply use them to help our clients.


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