Intellectual understanding of the ancient spiritual concepts 

Question: I’d like to ask Gautama Buddha. You taught your disciples about Nirvana and Arhat when you embodied it on earth. In those days, what was the concept of those teachings? And is it true that you taught the Vipassana and tranquility as a Buddhist practice to lead to Nirvana?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Being the Open Door for Planet Earth.

It is correct that I taught many different teachings. Some have become Vipassana, other spiritual teachings or Buddhist practices. I also taught the concepts of, of course, Nirvana, enlightenment, and other concepts. It is important for you to understand here that the question you are asking is asked from the mental level. You are seeking to mentally understand how people experienced those concepts 2500 years ago.

First of all, this cannot be done because the collective consciousness on earth has been raised in those 2500 years. And there is no way that you can really grasp, based on the experience you are having today, you cannot intellectually grasp how people saw those concepts back then. But furthermore, back then, people did not understand these concepts intellectually. They had a certain experience. You could potentially have this experience, but it is virtually impossible given that the collective consciousness has moved on. You cannot really fathom how people looked at life back then.

What would be the point in having that experience? The reality here is that people were much much less intellectual back then. And this was not necessarily a positive, but it did have certain positive aspects in the sense that people were more experiential, they could better experience something, a teaching, a practice, without having the mental overlay that so many people in the modern world, especially in the Western world, have today.

Really, what is important for you in the current age is that you do not try to mentally understand the teachings, whether it is the Buddhist teachings that I gave back then, or whether it is ascended master teachings given today. You seek to experience a deeper reality behind the teaching. It does not mean you do not use your rational mind to build a certain understanding of the spiritual path and the universe, but if that is all you get out of the teachings, you have not realized the full potential of the teachings.


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