Intellectual understanding vs. connecting to the heart

Question: I sometimes think about deeper reasons for why the universe was made and why other universes were made. Is God trying to understand or have every possible experience? Perhaps I’m being too theoretical and should be more practical in my approach? Should I continue to entertain these thoughts? Or are they largely a waste of time?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

Well we have given teachings on why God has created the universe, and it is to give extensions of God’s self-aware beings, an environment in which they can grow. Beyond that there isn’t really any sophisticated reason for it. It is not like God is trying to have every possible experience. The question really is once you study these teachings, if there is any point in speculating about it. It is necessary to recognize that some spiritual students have, over lifetimes, built this desire to understand things from an intellectual, linear, rational or analytical perspective. And as we have tried to say many times there is a limit to what the linear mind can actually understand about many issues.

There are many, many spiritual people who have really slowed down their progress by being too focused on these very subtle intellectual questions, because there is no real answer to them, but they still tie up your mental energy and your attention. You will even find that there are many spiritual teachings out there who attempt to give a very, very complex worldview that is really just meant to keep people tied in this very intellectual approach to the spiritual path.

If you want an example, The Urantia Book is one example of this, but there are certainly others. There are even many channel teachings that give a very complex intellectual image. This can really become a detour on people’s path. There are people who have delayed their progress because for several lifetimes, they were so focused on this, that they really did not connect to the heart. They did not go into their hearts, they did not sharpen their intuition, because they thought that coming to this intellectual understanding was the key to spiritual growth. And you need some intellectual understanding, but it is certainly not all you need. You need to go beyond intellectual understanding and go into your heart use your intuition to have a vision that cannot be expressed in words and therefore cannot really be dealt with, with the analytical mind.


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