Insensitivity of the fallen beings

Question: How is it possible that something like a less than ideal childhood, can incapacitate somebody and affect their confidence and self-esteem. But the fallen beings who have seen and endured much worse, can be so productive and achieve high positions in society without things like depression and anxiety holding them back.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the simplest answer, and there are levels of answers, but the simplest answer is that fallen beings are completely insensitive. They are insensitive to human beings, but they’re also in a way insensitive to themselves. They can go through a certain experience that for most people would be very traumatic  but they are so insensitive that it barely registers in their consciousness. They are so hardened by what they have experienced before. And there are indeed, many fallen beings, in fact, I would say most of the fallen beings who have taken embodiment on earth are so insensitive that nothing on earth can really touch them. They don’t react to it. Some have a specific goal where they are so focused on that goal that they will not let anything detract them from it.

Most people, of course, are not that insensitive and shouldn’t be. They will be greatly affected by an abusive childhood, for example, and it can affect them for an entire lifetime when they have no spiritual path. Now there are of course also people who are closer to Christhood and who can have a difficult childhood but they can still either avoid having it impact them or they can overcome it and heal themselves very quickly, because again, they have a positive goal. Their goal is Christhood, their goal is their ascension and they realize they cannot let anything on earth detract them from it.


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