Individual ascensions and the ascension of the sphere

Question: This is an excerpt from the book of Maitreya Key 22. (That is “The Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom”): “Let us begin by making a distinction between ascending from the earth, meaning that you do not have to come back into physical embodiment and ascending to the spiritual realm, whereby you become an immortal being, an ascended master. As I have explained, there are certain beings whose origin is tied to this particular sphere. They include beings who evolved from below, co-creators who were created to descend into this sphere in all four levels, and angels who were created to serve this sphere. These beings cannot permanently ascend to the spiritual realm until this sphere reaches critical mass and begins the ascension process. They were created to help this sphere ascend, and thus their individual ascensions are tied to the ascension of the entire sphere”.

From the above excerpt, it seems that those of us who have not fallen cannot make our ascension before this sphere reaches critical mass and begins the ascension process. There are numerous newly ascended masters and I have understood from the teachings that we all have the potential to make our ascension. Does it mean then, that our sphere began the ascension process? Or how should we understand the above passage from the book?

Answer from the Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

What you need to do here is realize that any teaching that we give has a certain limitation, it is given at a certain time, where there is a certain complex configuration in the collective consciousness. At that particular time, a certain wording is used, because of that particular configuration of consciousness.  You also need to recognize that what we are dealing with here is some very subtle, complex issues where words are not particularly suited to describing everything.

You cannot necessarily resolve what seems to be enigmas or contradictions through the linear mind. What I will say in retrospect is that I would have worded this differently today. But for various reasons, this was the way the words came out in the messenger’s mind, which is partly a matter of his background in the Summit Lighthouse and his level of consciousness at the time.

Now, what you now need to recognize here is that in a certain way, the sphere in which you live has started the ascension process, because there are planets that have ascended, there are planets that have ascended from the physical realm, which is why you don’t see life, physical life on Venus. And there are even entire galaxies that have ascended to a much higher level than what you see in your galaxy. There is a rather broad range in your sphere. You can say from this perspective that your sphere has entered the ascension process.

But you also need to recognize that in the previous dispensation of the Summit Lighthouse, we gave a somewhat more simplified view of the ascension process. It was stated there that you could ascend with 51% of your karma balanced, which means that you would still have karma with yourself which is as Mother Mary has explained, primarily unresolved psychology. Now, of course, this meant that in the Summit Lighthouse, it was believed that there were certain people about whom it was said by the messenger that they had balanced, say 75% of their karma.

So naturally, people assumed that when that person made their transition, the person would then ascend. And there was even a custom of claiming the mantle of the ascended master so and so, because it was assumed that that person which they had known personally, had now become an ascended master, even though the person had supposedly not balanced 100% of his karma.

Naturally, we have said in this dispensation that you do not become an ascended master if you have unresolved psychology, you need to resolve your psychology before you fully become an ascended master. And so from this perspective, you can make a distinction and say that there are people who reach a certain level where they do not have to take embodiment again on earth, but they still have unresolved psychology or if you will, unbalanced karma, and therefore, they cannot become ascended masters.

But there are also those who resolve enough of their psychology, that within a relatively short time span, after they make their transition in the last embodiment, they can become ascended masters. An example of this is Lanello, and Guru Ma, who took some time after the death of their physical bodies, before they were actually ascended masters. I know it was said in the Summit, that Lanello was an ascended master from the beginning, but it was also said that it took some time before he had balanced 100% of his karma. You see how there is a difference in terminology.

What you need to realize here is that there is a certain group of people on earth that do not have to come back in embodiment after this lifetime, but it does not mean they become ascended masters. Then, there is a smaller group of people who can become ascended masters shortly after they make the transition. But there is also a group of people, or lifestreams that have vowed as part of their divine plan to stay with earth, or to stay in embodiment on other planets, until either the planet ascends, or the entire sphere is fully ascended.

The ascension of a sphere is not something that happens all at once. It does happen in stages where various planets, in the beginning very few planets become the forerunners, and then entire galaxies ascend. And then, as I said, there is even the ascension, where there is an ascension from the physical to the emotional level, meaning there is no longer life on a certain planet at the physical level.

But there is life in the emotional, mental and identity realms, then it can be a next ascension, where there is no longer life in the emotional, but still life in the mental and identity and so forth. Until there is no longer any life in these four levels. When there is no longer life in the four levels, that is when a solar system will cease to exist, because the sun will become either a white dwarf or a black hole, and eventually not even exist at the physical level.

These are somewhat complex issues, as you can surely see. What we have said through this dispensation, which is something we have not been able to say in any previous dispensation for a variety of reasons, partly the consciousness of the messenger, partly the consciousness of the students and partly the collective consciousness. What we have said in this dispensation is that what we give is progressive revelation. You cannot take any revelation we have given and consider that this is the final absolute word on it.

We have also talked about the limitations of words. We of course, always reserve our right to bring forth a higher teaching, a broader perspective, that when you take the linear mind and compare it to a previous teaching, it will seem like a contradiction. In some cases, there can be contradictions, because no messenger is infallible as even the messenger for the Summit Lighthouse acknowledged and as this messenger certainly acknowledges as well.

But in the process of progressive revelation, it is necessary to recognize that, at any given time, there is a complex equation, depending on the collective consciousness, of what can be brought forth and what we determine will have the greatest impact at that time. Our purpose is, of course, to bring either a certain group of people of humanity as a whole forward to a higher level of consciousness, where we can then give a higher teaching.

What you will see is that in the beginning of a new dispensation, there will be a bridge given to previous dispensations. There is a reason why this messenger had to be in the Summit Lighthouse for a number of years and also had to study the I AM Movement and even briefly, the Bridge to Freedom teachings and Roerich teachings.

And it was so that he had the concepts and the words that were used in his mind, so that his mind was able to verbalize the teachings in such a way that people, students from previous dispensations could make the transition to this dispensation—there was something that they were familiar with, and this enabled at least some students to move on with us.

But then, it is never our intention, that a new dispensation should give forth the exact same teaching as a previous dispensation. What would be the point in having a new dispensation, if it was not to give a higher level of teaching than the previous one?

And this is where we simply run into the fact that words have a certain meaning at a certain time in a certain culture and therefore, there can come a point where we have given a teaching for a certain level, but we need to transcend that teaching, because it actually becomes a limitation for giving a more advanced teaching.

In other words, if we have to use words, in a way that cannot be construed as being a contradiction with a previous teaching, then we are limited in bringing forth a higher teaching. And that is why we sometimes transcend a certain dispensation. In other words, a certain dispensation comes to a certain point where the messenger is not flexible enough in his or her mind, the students, a critical mass of them, are not flexible enough in their minds, that we do not see the possibility of continuing progressive revelation in that organization. This was the case with the I Am Movement with the Roerichs, with the Bridge to Freedom, with the Summit Lighthouse.

But in this dispensation, both the messenger and a number of students have been willing to stretch their minds. And that is why we have actually already given teachings through this messenger, that in previous times, would have required three different messengers to bring these teachings forth, and three different groups of students, although a few may have been able to move on.

And so this is in a sense, an experiment. It is a new opportunity for us, and we are determined to make use of it, as long as the messenger is willing and able to stretch his mind and as long as a certain critical mass of students are willing to stretch their minds.


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