Indicators of level of consciousness

Question: Are there any indicators or signs of what level of consciousness we are at?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

It is of course possible my beloved to set up many different indicators but a very simple one would be the degree of selfishness, the degree of self-centeredness that people have. Another indicator is that when you go towards Christhood and especially the higher levels of Christhood, your mind does become more and more neutral, more and more at peace.

You have less and less compulsions to do something in the world because you have less and less separate selves that are compelling you to do something or to react in certain ways. So you react less and less to conditions in the world. They do not disturb you, they do not define you. This doesn’t mean that you’re not doing things but you’re doing it from a state of mind of being at peace, being what we have called non-attached, being neutral instead of this compulsion that you have to do something about this. So these are good indicators to keep in mind.

You could come up with other indicators. Obviously you could set up an entire system but we just feel that this very easily gets people into a very intellectual and analytical frame of mind. It very easily gets them into a comparative frame of mind where they start comparing themselves to others or comparing themselves to each other, start setting up these cliques of people who feel they have reached a certain level as we have seen in previous ascended master organizations. We do not really feel like encouraging this.

Basically don’t worry about where other people are at in consciousness. Be concerned about yourself but as this messenger has said, there really comes a point where you go beyond the need to even consider where you are at, to even compare yourself to anything. You are just focused on expressing yourself at the level you are at and then moving towards higher levels and you’re not really concerned about putting a number on this or any other evaluation. In a sense you could say that’s when you know you’re at the higher levels because then you are more free to just be who you are and enjoy being in embodiment.


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