In the Golden Age, science will be beyond elitism

TOPICS: Science dedicated to raising up all people – science will not be separated from universal spirituality – materialism is reinforcing an unbalanced society ruled by a power elite – materialism supports the rule of an elite – science has lifted society out of the superstition of the middle ages and right into a new form of superstition – golden age science beyond elitism –

Question: I would like to ask what would be the role of science in the Golden Age?

Answer from ascended master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels:

The difference between the Golden Age science and the science you see today is so huge that very few people in the world today can conceive of the Golden Age science. Yet there are many similarities between science in the Golden Age and what I have talked about with the government in the Golden age. Where, certainly, science will be dedicated to raising up the All, raising up all life, to being in alignment with the reality of God and the principles of God that are guiding and directing the entire universe.

Thus, you will no longer see a science which has defined its own little sphere, which it says is completely separated from even the concept that there could be a God. For science has defined that there cannot be anything beyond the material universe. For if a theory proposes the existence of a non-material cause, well then science defines that that theory is not scientific by definition.

This is, of course, completely unsustainable in the Golden Age. For again, what science has done is creating and reinforcing the illusion of separation—the separation between God and man. And when you have separation between God and man, how can man possibly build a society that is in alignment with the principles of God, the most important of which is the raising up of all life?

And thus, what you see is that the current science is very much reinforcing the unbalanced society, where there is a separation between reality and the laws and the conditions found in society. And in that society can exist a power elite which is manipulating the people, milking the lifeblood of the people to sustain their own privileged positions.

And thus, you will see that the current scientific materialism has made itself a tool of the power elite, that is being used ruthlessly – and not even cleverly, but very crudely – to maintain the privileged positions of the elite. Even by promoting the concept that all human beings are simply evolved animals, and thus naturally, some human beings are more evolved than others—they are more fit than others.

And thus, it is only nature’s own law that they take upon themselves privileges and power, for surely those who are the most evolved should be allowed to rule. Yet, the reality is that those who are “most evolved” are actually the ones who have the most evolved egos, and thus are the most ruthless in taking privileges and power over the people, turning the people into their own slaves, just like the feudal lords of medieval Europe.

And thus, it is a complete fallacy – a complete irony, and it is indeed a joke, as they say – that science claims that it has lifted humankind out of the superstition of the Middle ages. For it has simply replaced the superstition of the Middle Ages—in which the Catholic church was the tool that allowed the power elite to maintain the feudal system. And thus, science has become another tool for the power elite maintaining a modern version of the feudal system, that still allows a small elite to dominate the population through economic means, through science and through creating a world view that is completely out of touch with reality.

And although society has overcome some of the superstition promoted by the medieval church, it has simply replaced that superstition with new versions of the same old lies, clad in a different disguise, so that the people have not yet seen them for what they are.

But surely, we endeavor to change that with your help, even with the help of science. For I must tell you, there are many people in the field of science who are indeed placed there by me, because they volunteered to take embodiment in that environment, so that they could be part of the transformation of science.

Yet for that transformation of science to really gain momentum, we must first break through with the transformation of religion, or at least people’s view of their relationship with God. For until that is changed, how can science find its rightful place in raising up all, and helping to bring people into alignment with the reality of God?


 Copyright © 2008 by Kim Michaels