Implementation of calls from Astrea’s invocation

Question: Question about the invocation to Astrea.  I have three statements here: 1. we have repeated certain patterns and we will not overcome them until we are willing to look at the national and individual psyche.  2. We must individually process our own and our nations’ past before we can move into the Golden Age.  3.  We must collectively process our own and our nations’ past before we can move into the Golden Age consciousness.  How can we do it practically?

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017

They are asking us to make these calls so that we send this into the collective consciousness and we give the Masters the authority to remove these blocks.  Because what needs to happens is that, in all of the countries that were under communism you need to have a certain debate about the past, where you debate – how did if affect our nation?  How did it affect basically the way we as a nation look at life and how did it affect people individually?  And so the primary goal of the invocation is simply to open the way so that people can be set free in the three higher realms, that they’ll decide ‘we need to talk about this’.  And we talked a little about it with some of the people in Estonia and for example in Estonia there hasn’t been much debate about it but there may be some beginning of it, there are some people are beginning to talk about this.   And so there isn’t that there is just one way to do this, because each nation is different.

But basically there are certain issues that you need to talk about before you can be free of them.  And then of course you could say that another goal of the rosary is to awaken the spiritual people or the creative people as is talked about, to come to that realisation that we need to individually look at our own psyche.  So that we can free ourselves from these remnants of the communist consciousness, because otherwise we can’t help our nation.

So that means as spiritual people we need to resolve this but for people who are not as spiritual they may just simply need to become more aware of this and realise that if they are some of the more open minded people in the society, if they can talk about this openly they can help the rest of society.  It’s basically again this, if you have as a nation a certain topic that created a lot of wounds in people, then you have a lot of emotional energy and this emotional energy gets locked in people’s emotional bodies.  And if you can talk about this openly you might be able to actually release a lot of that energy and then the masters can consume it especially when spiritual people make the calls for it.

So it’s really, what the masters want right now is, they want at least us or the spiritual people to realise that it’s almost like there is certain taboos in a country, certain things that you can’t talk about and that this needs to be broken up.  So that people can start even talking openly about this, and people can for example have the courage to write books about it.

I have noticed myself that, I think Germany obviously hasn’t completed its process of processing the whole Hitler sequence but they have done something and I noticed that, I think it was in 2004 they actually made a movie in Germany where they made fun of Hitler, and I haven’t seen the movie and I expect that it may be pretty superficial.  But just the fact that the Germans could make a movie that made fun of Hitler showed me that something had happened in the collective psyche, they had distanced themselves from it.

And that’s part of what a nation does when it talks openly about something they can distance themselves from it, it’s suddenly not as important and then it doesn’t have the same hold over people otherwise they keep carrying it with them.

And the other thing that I sense that needs to be talked about is, in all of the former Soviet Union and Warsaw pact countries the way they look at Russia and Russian people, and it doesn’t matter about what you think about the Russian people, I understand that there is some people that feel very wounded about what was done.  But the realisation is we won’t be free until we forgive them and that is of course the spiritual people who can understand that in the beginning but gradually it can filter down.

Question: Is it okay that we just concentrate on doing invocations and decrees?

Yes in the beginning you should simply make the calls for it but if you feel from within an urge to do this you should of course, do it according what you can in your , your country but it’s not something you should decide with your outer mind and force yourself to do.  That I think is sort of a general thing.  Because I’ve seen this in the past Ascended Master organisations, where they would, people force themselves to do it and this again – it’s what Master More would call “the Missionary Syndrome”, you see it in all spiritual and religious organisations, you have to go out and convert everybody to believe this.  And that’s not what it’s about, you shouldn’t feel forced to do anything, it has to come from within.

But it’s also a matter of holding the vision that those people in society who are in a position to do this that they suddenly will lock in, tune in to the idea from the masters like Jesus just said the Omega aspect is that they release certain ideas and it’s the most sensitive people.  But you can call for them to be cut free so they can see.  There might be a journalist or an author who suddenly decides to write a book about what happened to Poland during the communist era that nobody has dared to write before, but he has the background, the knowledge in his mind that he can basically tune in to what the masters want to bring out.

And so we don’t always have to be the ones who do it because there can be other people that are in a position to do that.  And I think many Ascended Master students have, including myself when I was younger felt a certain pressure that we should do this.  But when you do it with that feeling of pressure it never works out it always becomes artificial.  You are forcing yourself to do something that you are not really ready to do and other people feel you are trying to force them and it just ends up not working very well.


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