Immigrants are not the cause of America’s problems

Question: Please comment on the separation of children and parents at the United States border.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

Well my beloved, as Saint Germain just said, on a dense matter planet there are sometimes situations where the ideal outcome cannot be manifest or where some very unfortunate consequences that nobody had thought about or that few people had thought about, occur. Naturally, taking children away from their parents and putting them in cages is an inhumane act that should never ever be able to occur in a so-called free democratic nation. On the other hand, what you’re dealing with here is that some of these refugees come from such an extreme and unbalanced situation in their own countries that unfortunately some of these parents would rather see their children remain in the United States than having to take them back to their home countries.

It is, of course, a situation that should not have occurred because the United States authorities should have let the parents in with the children. I am not saying they should have either let the parents in with the children or deported all of them. I’m saying they should have let the parents and the children in and given them an opportunity to either create a life here or to go back with better circumstances. This is of course, a big issue that we might talk more about at another time but it is necessary that there is a big change in the way America looks at immigrants. It is necessary that American immigration policy is debated neutrally. It is necessary that the mindset that has been created where immigrants are blamed for many of America’s problems is seen for what it is, namely a manipulation by the power elite by the fallen beings because naturally, immigrants are not the cause of America’s problems. It was immigrants who built America.

So who decided that there was a point where now we didn’t want any more immigrants to come in and build America further? Naturally, it was the power elite. You see that there are still vast areas in America that are uninhabited. You see that there are still many opportunities for creating new businesses and inventions. You see that Americans have, to some degree, lost some of their creativity or are not willing to work in certain types of jobs or maybe not as creative in creating businesses as some of the immigrants would be. It is clear that, in many cases or at least up to a certain degree, an influx of immigrants would actually be a boost to the American economy, rather than taking jobs away from Americans as the slogan goes. They would create new jobs and some of those jobs would be taken by Americans but this is a much larger issue that we will not go into depth with here.


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