Imagining vs. tuning in to a memory

Question: Is the worst thing I can imagine now necessarily my original birth trauma?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2018.

No, not necessarily. Certainly it could be but the question would be what you mean with imagination? Is this something you’re imagining as a product of the mind that is created in the mind or are you tuning in to an actual memory from a past life?

If you are just imagining it, it can come from many different sources, including the fallen beings who are projecting something at you in order to scare you or in other ways get you to react. If you’re tuning in to an actual memory then your birth trauma would be the worst experience you could possibly tune into. The question would be, are you actually able to tune into it now or whether there are other traumas from your past that you need to erase before you are able to see that first trauma.

There can also be people who are simply not willing to go so deeply into their psychology. There can be people who have even followed the spiritual path for a while and have decided that they must have reached a certain level where they should be beyond having to look at anything in their own psychology or certainly anything very traumatic. In order to maintain that image of being advanced students or perhaps even teachers, they will deny the validity of the teachings on the birth trauma and refuse to look at it.


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