If you have a tension in you, then you know that there are separate selves involved

Question: There is a thought growing in my mind. And I’m slightly concerned whether it is just a delusion. The content of the thought is how to improve the environment of the earth, and how to improve the educational system. The urge to accomplish my thoughts keeps occurring. But at the same time, I am uncertain if I can actually do the work. I wish to know whether this is the vision that my conscious you have, or a random delusion.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

Well, many people today and throughout the ages have had a similar pattern. And again, I feel like I’m repeating myself, because the answer is that whenever you have a tension in you, that tension comes from one of these separate selves or, in most cases two separate selves that are working against each other. So, as I said in the previous answer, there is a separate self that gives you a drive to attain something. And then there’s another separate self that gives you the doubt, or the critical attitude towards yourself whether you can achieve it. So, what you need to do is to work on the separate selves. And again, if there is tension, then you know that there are separate selves involved. So you need to clear them out of the way. And then you can have a more clear vision of what is in your divine plan.

We have seen over the ages, or at least the decades, many, many ascended master students who have taken our teachings and become very fired up so to speak, about going out changing the world, whether it’s the educational system, or the environment, or this or that. And so they become almost obsessed, feeling this drive to change the world. But this drive is often caused by a separate self that wants to divert them from the real path, which is that you look at yourself. Many ascended master students have been so focused on saving the world, for Saint Germain, that they have felt, “Oh, I don’t need to look at my psychology because if I give enough Violet flame, it will dissolve my karma and then my psychology will be resolved”. And this is what we’re now calling you to realize is simply not the case.

You will not ascend without looking at your psychology. And so, again, look at yourselves, when there is tension, when there’s pressure, when you are not at ease, when you feel this obsessive, compulsive drive to do something, then go after the separate selves that are causing this. And once they die, then you can pursue what is truly in your divine plan. You can have the vision of what’s in your divine plan. And then you can do so from a state of inner peace.


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