If evil is caused by ignorance, you cannot remove evil by remaining ignorant

TOPICS: Truth can hurt when people attached to certain belief – avoid black-and-white reaction – some lifestreams reluctant to accept existence of evil – denial makes you vulnerable to evil – evil is a result of free will – some beings rebelled against God – they seek to violate the free will of others – nothing is separated from God – some things are separated from good – definition of good and evil – people committed to good need to attain Christ consciousness – ignorance cannot be removed through more ignorance – people need discernment in order to fulfill their highest potential –

Question: Please explain why you say that evil is separated from God. There is Good in all things…intent is the avenue for creation. As a young student I had a hard time accepting my teacher’s warnings about the dark forces. Yet, this imposes the idea of something existing outside the mind of God, my Father/Mother. Impossible. Even as a boy I was instructed that dark energy exist as ignorance. It is ignorance manifested in the world through our own minds, Minds dwelling on false perceptions of our Sacred Self—denying the ever presence of the Father/Christ within.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You say that the truth cannot hurt, but that statement is not universally true. If a person has become emotionally attached to an idea or belief that is out of touch with truth, then it can indeed hurt emotionally when that person is presented with the truth. It can be painful for a person to acknowledge and admit that the long-held belief, which the person believed was absolutely true, has indeed been in error all along. And this causes many people to seek to avoid the pain by denying the truth that challenges their existing beliefs—as do many of the people who find this website and are not willing to know the truth about me.

When people do have emotional attachments, they often tend to go into a response that one might call the “all-or-nothing” or the “black-and-white” LINK response. If people are not willing to let go of their long-held belief and accept the truth that can replace the belief, then they have no other option than to somehow seek to refute, question or discredit the truth or the source bringing forth that truth. This causes people to take things to the extreme and look at it from a black-and-white perspective. In other words, if this new idea is true, then my existing beliefs must be completely false, and since my beliefs can’t be completely wrong, the new idea must be false. Allow me to show you an alternative response to this situation.

Let us begin by acknowledging that planet earth is a crossroads. There are many different types of lifestreams who embody on this planet. Some of these lifestreams have never rebelled against God and have no desire to rebel against God. These lifestreams are what one might call Holy or innocent lifestreams. They are lifestreams that are completely committed to good, and as a result they cannot understand how anyone could willfully rebel against God’s law and God’s intent. This makes them reluctant to accept the existence of evil or lifestreams who are committed to evil.

One might say that these lifestreams have mastered my call to become as little children. They have the innocence of a child, and it makes them approach life with the basic assumption that everything must be good. What you need to understand is that some of these lifestreams have been very shocked by the conditions found on planet earth. They carry in their inner memory the image that everything should be only good and that everything should follow God’s law. This inner memory is true as far as the spiritual realm is concerned. Unfortunately, as I explain throughout this website it is not currently true for planet earth.

Because such lifestreams are greatly shocked by the conditions on this planet, many of them go into a state of denial, in which they simply refuse to acknowledge the existence of evil on earth. This causes such lifestreams to become easy prey for the dark forces, because no one is more easily fooled than people who refuse to believe that anyone is trying to fool them. These lifestreams cannot understand my call to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. These lifestreams are naturally harmless as doves, and they believe that in a perfect universe this is all that should be needed. My friend, these lifestreams are correct. In a perfect universe, harmlessness as a dove is all that is required for your ascension. What these lifestreams do not understand is that the earth is not a perfect planet.

As Mother Mary so beautifully explains in her discourse, earth serves as a platform for people’s experiments with their free will. Even those who have never rebelled against God’s law can make mistakes when exercising their free will. This is allowed on planet earth. As a result of this tolerance for error, certain lifestreams, who deliberately rebelled against the will of God in the spiritual realm, have been allowed to embody on planet earth. These lifestreams have come to this planet with the desire to prove God wrong, as my beloved mother explains. They have created conditions on this planet that are a far cry from the original vision of God.

These rebellious beings are using their self-created conditions in a deliberate attempt to cause people to misqualify the energies of God and prevent them from ascending to the spiritual realm. In other words, there are many activities on this planet that are deliberately designed to cause people to misqualify God’s energy. One of those activities is discordant music, which forces the energies of God to flow in the opposite direction than was intended. Let me return to that later.

For now, I want to address your statement that there is good in everything and that nothing can exist outside of the Father-Mother God. When you step back from the situation on planet earth and look at the overall perspective, it is correct that nothing can exist outside of the Father-Mother God. As explained in many places on this website, everything is created from the energy of God. Therefore, God is in everything, no matter what the outer appearance. The importance of this realization is that even if something appears to be dark or evil, that outer appearance is only a temporary disguise. Behind the temporary appearance is the pure energy of God. Because the energies of God are in everything, any appearance, no matter how dark or evil, has the potential to be transformed back into the original purity of the light of God. This is indeed the very basis for the concept of salvation. If God was not in everything, nothing could be saved.

However, you need to add to this the concept of free will. As Mother Mary explains, Lucifer descended into a lower state of consciousness in which he saw himself as separated from God. In reality, this sense of separation was an illusion. Nothing can be separated from God because everything exists inside of God’s being, God’s consciousness, and everything has the energies of God inside of it. Nevertheless, when it comes to self-conscious beings that have free will, they can choose to create the illusion that they are separated from God or in opposition to God. They can then choose to create conditions that are out of alignment with the laws and the creative intent of God.

So you now see that such conditions do not have good in them. They have God in them, but they do not have good in them. As I explain throughout this website, human beings have descended into a dualistic state of mind in which everything seems relative. Therefore, they define good and evil as relative concepts. There is, however, an absolute definition of good and evil. The absolute definition of good is that which is in perfect harmony with God’s law and God’s creative intent. The absolute definition of evil is that which is out of harmony with God’s law and intent.

Something, which is out of harmony with God’s law, does not have a good in it; it does not have absolute good in it. It still has God in it, and therefore it has the potential to become realigned with God’s law. However, for that potential to become manifest, the being, or beings, who created the imperfect manifestation must make the decision to realign itself with God’s law. Until that decision is made, the imperfect condition will persist.

My point here is that there are many people on planet earth today who are committed to good but who are being manipulated by dark forces because they are not willing to become wise a serpents. They are not willing to admit that there are things on this planet that are not good and have no good in them whatsoever. These people refuse to exercise the discernment which is the hallmark of the Christ mind. The most important function of the Christ mind is to discern what is of God, meaning what is in harmony with God’s law and intent, and what is not of God.

I need these people to come out of their state of denial and acknowledge the responsibility they have to put on the mind of Christ and thereby serve God in a much higher capacity than they are now doing. It has been said that for evil to triumph, it only takes that good people do nothing, and it is true. Evil is currently dominating many aspects of life on planet earth precisely because the good people will not recognize the existence of evil and will not discern between what is of God and what is not a God. As a result, they do not take a stand for God, and therefore God cannot remove the evil conditions on planet earth. Until people choose whom they will serve, until they come apart from the manifestations of evil and be a separate and chosen people, God cannot pull up the tares without also pulling up the wheat.

You say that evil is the result of ignorance, and that is true. However, ignorance cannot be removed through more ignorance; it can be removed only by bringing the light of truth. Who can bring that light except those who are committed to God-good? Yet to displace the ignorance, you must become wise as a serpent so that you can see through the serpentine lies that have influenced and infiltrated every aspect of life on this planet.

In that respect, let me say that it is indeed true that all religions on this planet have been influenced by ignorance, and therefore they all contain false ideas and even a false culture. The entire purpose for this website is to expose the false ideas in Christianity. There can still be good in a religion because there are good people who are members of that religion. Nevertheless, it would be better for all if those good people became wise to the serpentine lies and made the effort to realign their religion to the truth of God. For that to happen, people must strive to attain the state of consciousness of the person who brought forth that religion. You cannot fully understand the teachings of a religion until you attain the level of consciousness from which the teaching was given. Only by attaining the Christ consciousness can you know the inner reality of Christianity. That is why my website seeks to encourage people to put on that Christ mind.


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