If a person’s twin flame has ascended

TOPICS: Ascended twin flame exerts magnetic pull on you – extra effort to unite with twin flame – become extension of your twin flame in embodiment 

Question: Some teachings suggest that sometimes our twin flame has already ascended before us and does not walk on earth with us, and our love partners on this earth are soul mates but not the actual twin flame who is “with us” in another dimension. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is quite possible that a person’s twin flame has ascended, and in some cases that twin flame might have ascended centuries ago. In fact, many of the people who are consciously on the spiritual path, and who are making great efforts to raise their consciousness, are doing so precisely because their twin flames are already ascended. The ascended twin flame exerts a magnetic pull on the lifestream. This compels the lifestream to come up higher and to sacrifice many of the temptations on earth in order to regain union with the twin flame. So while it might seem like a loss that your twin flame is ascended, it can be a great advantage for a lifestream who is on the spiritual path.

If your twin flame is ascended, you will have to walk the earth without the possibility of a love relationship with your twin flame. However, as already explained, this is not necessarily a disadvantage. When you recognize that your twin flame is ascended, you can make an extra effort to attain union with your Christ self. When you do attain that union, you also attain union with your ascended twin flame, and you can then be here below as your twin flame is Above.

This is an opportunity to be of great service to humankind and to the ascended masters. You are now the physical counterpart of an ascended master, and therefore you can serve as the open door for that master to work directly in the physical octave.

When you understand the Law of Free Will, you realize that we of the ascended masters cannot act directly in the material universe. We can only act when we are authorized to do so by human beings in embodiment. This is because the ultimate law of the material universe is free will. So only when a person in embodiment authorizes us to step in, can we act in this octave. Obviously, when you consciously realize that your twin flame is ascended and you unite with your Christ self, you can become an extension of that twin flame in embodiment.


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