Ideas from The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard

Question: In the book by Gary Renard, called The Disappearance of the Universe, it talks about you becoming an ascended master in the future and coming back to the present. I wonder if myself could be an ascended master in the future and appear in the present time and teach me directly. If myself who will ascend in the future another part of my spirit or self can the ascended master who will be myself in the future appear in a form that could be seen and touched by the physical body in the present. For example if I am embodied lifestream of Saint Germain is it possible that I can read Saint Germain who will be myself physically or be my teacher in the current life. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2017.

My beloved the ideas expressed here are not reality. It is not so that even though you will be an ascended master in the future, you can appear to yourself in your present life. You have not ascended yet, so the ascended master you will be in the future is not an ascended master right now. When you ascend you will not be Saint Germain. Saint Germain is already Saint Germain.

You see my beloved, these kind of ideas do not come from the ascended masters, they come from beings in the mental realm who are seeking to play on the fact that there are some people in embodiment who are very attuned to the mental realm but who are not willing to go beyond and attune to the real ascended masters in the higher identity realm or the spiritual realm. This is because these people want to seem very clever intellectually.

It is what Saint Germain talked about earlier, where there is a certain intellectual elite who have defined what it means to be intelligent. And who are using this in order to gain a feeling of being superior to other people. You also see this among spiritual students who want to have a very intellectual teaching that is very difficult to grasp for the average person. So that they can feel that they are superior because they are studying this teaching. They feel that it is so advanced, but it is really not advanced, it is simply incomprehensible.

So my beloved the ascension is a very linear process, it is possible that you are out of the same spiritual lineage as for example Saint Germain. Therefore you may have an affinity with Saint Germain. But when you ascend you will not be Saint Germain, you will be an ascended master in your own right. But that ascended master that you will be is not yet an ascended master. But if you are out of the lineage of Saint Germain, why would you need a substitute for Saint Germain, why isn’t he good enough for you?

So you see my beloved it simply makes no sense what is taught in this book. There is no sense whatsoever to it. There are real ascended masters who are ascended, it is our role to help those of you who have not yet ascended.

Why would you want some other mystical master that no-one has ever heard about to appear to you and teach you. What would that master be able to do that I cannot do? So you see this is an example – a typical example of these teachings from the mental realm that are fascinating to some people, but really when you think about them and use our teachings as your frame of reference you see that they are nonsenical.

It is the same as claiming that an ascended master has physically appeared to you. How would that physical appearance take place? Why would it be necessary in this day and age, when you have the capacity to tune into us so that you can experience us with your higher bodies rather than with the physical body? Again this is a day and an age where we do not have the dispensation to appear so that the majority of humankind could see us with their physical eyes. That is why we need those who are more sensitive to tune into us with your higher bodies, to purify your higher bodies so you can reach up to our level.

That is why we train messengers who can received messages from us, so that those of you who are not yet ready to attune directly to us can learn and evolve your ability to do this. We do not physically appear when it is not necessary to do so and if a certain person had a physical apparition would it not demonstrate that this person was not able to attune to the real ascended masters. But only able to attune to lower beings in the lower realms. So you see my beloved we work according to the law of free will, those masters who imitate us in the lower realms do not have that restriction because they do not respect peoples free will.


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