I did all the prayers but no change in my external condition

Question: Dear Jesus, I have faithfully said all the prayers for the last one year as much as a normal man can in a day. I find that there is no change in my external conditions. To add to it I have introduced my wife and my friends to these prayers and they too experience the same.

Is it time for us to give up now? or is our past karma so heavy that we have to spend a lot more time to improve our living conditions. ( I am from Mumbai India).
If we give up this site I don’t think we will have any more faith in anything else ever. We will be not co-creators but wanderers in this universe.
Do give us and people like us some timely advise else we have nothing to look forward to. We are catholics anyway so we just go back to our old Sunday church routine and when we come up we can meet and say that I at least tried my best to follow your path on this website.
I have asked many questions earlier but michaels is a barrier and if I give up on you and this site he will partly be responsible for my decision.

Answer from Jesus:

You raise an important question, namely when to give up on a spiritual technique. The short answer is to never give up, meaning that you never leave yourself in a vacuum. You never go backwards, feeling like you have no faith in anything or nothing to look forward to. You only stop using a technique when you have found a better one with which to replace it.

What I present on this website is a systematic path that leads you gradually toward a higher state of consciousness. When you fully understand this path, you realize that progress never stops. When you fully commit yourself to ongoing progress, you realize that you never give up. You never allow your ego or the forces that oppose your progress to manipulate you into a corner, where it seems like your only way to go is backwards.

When you are committed to growth, you realize that you always have the option to go forward, to come up higher. So if you feel a given technique is not working for you, you have more than one option for responding to that situation. You do not have to reason that your only option is to give up and have nothing. This is precisely what your ego and the dark forces want you to feel—they want to stop your progress. It is for good reason that people say discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit.

Therefore, the rule is simple. If you get a strong inner impulse that it is time to stop practicing a spiritual technique and look for a different one, then by all means follow it. If you have not received such an impulse – an impulse you know comes from your Christ self – then don’t stop using your current technique. Instead, consider how you could improve the way you practice the technique, including your approach to it or to spiritual techniques in general.

Here are the main reasons a spiritual technique might not be working for you:

  • It is not a valid technique. For example, it might be released by the forces seeking to deceive humankind. One of the main lessons I give on this website is the need to develop your discernment so that you can get intuitive insights from your Christ self. You can then learn to expose false techniques.
  • It is not an efficient technique for you. Again, this can best be determined by an intuitive insight from your Christ self.
  • You have outgrown the technique and you need to look for a new one but your outer mind has not been open to doing so. Again, your Christ self is the only way to know, but very few people outgrow a technique in a year.
  • The technique was once valid – meaning that it was sponsored by the Ascended Host – but this is no longer the case. Again, your Christ self is the best guide although we generally do find ways to communicate this.
  • The technique is valid for you, but you have not practiced the technique long enough to see results.
  • The technique is valid for you but you have not taken the right approach to practicing it.

The techniques on this website – and especially Mother Mary’s rosaries – are both valid and very efficient. No technique can produce equal results for all people, yet consider the saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” There is a reason you were attracted to this website in the first place and felt the inner urge to use the techniques offered. Therefore, it is prudent to reason that the techniques will work for you. I strongly encourage you not to give up but to instead consider how you could improve your approach to using the techniques. To help you on this, let me use your letter to make some suggestions.

Idea 1
You say: I have faithfully said all the prayers for the last one year as much as a normal man can in a day. I find that there is no change in my external conditions.”

There is a reason I said, “In your patience possess ye your souls.” Although I commend you for practicing the prayers on this website for a full year, I must say that it is not long enough for most people to see changes in their outer situation. Many people have practiced valid spiritual techniques for decades without seeing visible results (but feeling many inner benefits).

Idea 2
You say: “I find that there is no change in my external conditions.”

As mentioned above, you always need to be on guard against your ego manipulating you into a corner where it seems like you have to make a black-and-white or an either-or decision. Your ego does not want you to continue using a valid spiritual technique, so when you do start using a technique, it is trying to set you up to become discouraged.

One way of doing so is to induce into your mind the expectation that a spiritual technique should produce physical results and that it should do so within a certain time frame. Thus, when the time is up and the results are not manifest, your ego will tell you that the only possible conclusion is that the technique is not working and thus you should give up. This is an age-old trick and many people have fallen for it. Please don’t join them.

Idea 3
You say: “I find that there is no change in my external conditions.”

There is no valid reason for assuming that practicing a spiritual technique should and must produce a physical result. This is an expectation created by the ego and dark forces and it has caused millions of religious people to feel that their prayers were not answered—even causing many to lose faith in their religion or in all religion.

As I explain throughout this website, the universe is a mirror. The physical conditions you encounter are simply the mirror images of your own state of consciousness. In other words, the cause is your state of consciousness and your outer conditions are only the effects. As I trust is obvious, if you want to change something, you must change the cause instead of seeking to work at the level of the effects. If you want to change the movie on a screen, don’t seek to change the screen. Go to the projection room and change the film strip in the projector.

My point is that the only way to truly change your outer conditions is to change your consciousness. Thus, if you pray or practice a spiritual technique with the expectation that this will – in itself and automatically – change your outer conditions, you are seeking to do the impossible. ALL valid spiritual techniques are designed to help you change your state of consciousness. And when you do so, your outer conditions will change—in due time, as they filter through the four levels of the material universe.

Idea 4
You say: “I find that there is no change in my external conditions.”

It makes a fundamental difference when you start practicing a technique with the direct aim of transforming your state of consciousness instead of expecting outer results. You will see far better results. They will be inner results, but they will be significant enough that you won’t even consider giving up on the technique as long as it improves your state of mind.

In fact, it is preferable to practice a technique without expectations of physical results. It is only when you are non-attached to whether or not you get physical results that the technique will be fully effective. Thus, we might say that you will only get the maximum physical results when you are no longer looking for such results—you practice the technique for the reward of raising your consciousness.

I am well aware that many people begin praying or practicing a technique specifically because they are suffering from physical limitations and their motivation is to change those conditions. I am not trying to make light of people’s suffering or belittle their motivation—you have to start with the motivation that is relevant to you. Yet if you truly want results from a technique, you must be willing to refine your motivation as you grow in awareness.

Thus, here are some higher motivations for practicing a spiritual technique:

  • You realize the truth that your consioucness must change before your outer conditions can change. Thus, you make it your main goal to use the technique to raise your consciousness.
  • You feel more peace, more clarity or more energy after practicing a technique, and this is a reward in itself.
  • When you give a rosary, you feel the light of God flowing from your higher self through your being and this is more than enough motivation to keep going.
  • You realize that the light will gradually transform your outer situation.
  • You realize that the light you invoke will also transform planetary conditions, and you feel a love for helping other people and the Earth itself.
  • You feel such a love for Mother Mary and the cause of the Ascended Host that you simply cannot help giving a rosary.

Perhaps you can see that what I am describing here is a gradual transformation away from self-centered motives and towards motives that are focused on improving the conditions for all life. This is an essential key to achieving maximum results from any spiritual technique. A valid spiritual technique simply will not reinforce your ego’s desires. It will only work when you separate yourself from the ego’s desires and reconnect to the higher desires of your spiritual self.

Idea 5
You say: “ Is it time for us to give up now? or is our past karma so heavy that we have to spend a lot more time to improve our living conditions. (I am from Mumbai India).”

You must always consider that when you live in a particular area, you not only have your personal karma but also the collective karma of the area. There is a reason you chose to embody in that area, and for many spiritual people part of the reason is that you wanted to help improve the conditions for all people in the area. In other words, you might have volunteered to help carry the burden of the collective karma. You have taken on a portion of that karma in addition to your personal karma (if you had any) and only when that is transmuted can you improve your outer conditions.

Thus, it might take some time to transmute this burden. You may also have chosen not to go too far above the other people in your area because it is part of your spiritual mission to help them take the next step. This can be revealed only through inner attunement with your Christ self, so that you begin to remember your divine plan.

Idea 6
You say: “ If we give up this site I don’t think we will have any more faith in anything else ever.”

This can only be your ego talking. There is no way your Christ self would make such a statement. This is precisely the plot of the ego that I described earlier. Simply see it for what it is and dismiss it as an outright lie.

When you truly commit to the spiritual path, you will gradually develop a faith in the process of growth itself. This inner faith is beyond your experience with any outer teacher, organization, teaching or technique.

In other words, no matter what disappointment you might experience on the outer, nothing can shake your faith in the inner process of growth. Many people have been disappointed by some outer organization and they have allowed their egos to use this as an excuse for giving up on the path itself. Yet the truth is that nothing can prevent you from moving forward on the path except the choices you make. Other people, dark forces or your ego can influence your choices, but no one can make choices for you.

Idea 7
You say: “We will be not co-creators but wanderers in this universe.”

An interesting statement that reflects the fate of many people who found a spiritual teaching or technique and allowed their egos to make them discouraged. There are indeed many souls who are – for all practical purposes – wanderers and refuse to fill their intended role as co-creators.

Yet this is a choice they have made, and it is a choice that springs from an unwillingness to make a commitment – an absolute commitment that the ego cannot touch – to inner growth that is independent of any outer conditions. One example of this is the unwillingness to refine one’s approach to a spiritual technique, thus using an easy excuse for not continuing to practice it until your consciousness truly is transformed and your ego defeated—or at least dethroned as the supreme ruler of your life.

Idea 8
You say: “ We are catholics anyway so we just go back to our old Sunday church routine and when we come up we can meet and say that I at least tried my best to follow your path on this website.”

As I said, if you are truly committed to growth, you never go backwards. You are not a Catholic because no earthly label can define you. You are a son of God, and you are intended to go beyond all outer labels that cause you to deny your Christ potential.

If you think I will accept the claim that “I at least tried my best to follow your path on this website” you do not know me as a spiritual teacher. Why do you think I said that only those who are willing to lose their lives for my sake are worthy to be my disciples?

You have the potential to become my disciple in this life. Yet to fulfill that potential, you must give up all of the illusions that your ego seeks to use to trap you into denying your Christ potential. Until you have given up every last illusion, you have not done your best.

Study the situation of the rich man who would not give up his possessions to follow me (Matthew 19:20-23). It does not apply only to those who have material possessions. It applies to all who have “possessions” of the mind – meaning attachments – that they are not willing to give up. And this first of all means the dualistic ego-illusions that cause people to deny their Christhood or their potential to self-transcend by following the inner path to the very end. Mother Theresa once said, “Give until it hurts.” I say, “Surrender until there is nothing human left to surrender—and then surrender even the emptiness and be filled with the Light of God.”

Idea 9
You say: “I have asked many questions earlier but michaels is a barrier and if I give up on you and this site he will partly be responsible for my decision.”

One of the main ideas I seek to get across on this website is that everyone has a Christ self that is the open door between your conscious mind and the spiritual realm—including your I AM Presence and the Ascended Master who is your personal teacher. When you truly begin to make the intuitive contact with your Christ self, you see that no one can stand between you and God. That is why I said that the kingdom of God is within you.

As you grow on the spiritual path, you need to question the assumptions that are a product of your religious upbringing. In your case, being from a Catholic background, you need to overcome the idea that only one person can communicate with the spiritual realm.

I go out of my way on the ARJ website to make sure people do not view Kim as some kind of replacement Pope. Thus, he is not a barrier between you and me and he cannot prevent you from seeking answers to your questions from inside yourself. On this website I give teachings and practical tools for expanding yourinner connection—if you did not already have some inner connection you would never have recognized anything of value on this site. So focus on getting answers from within instead of using another person as an excuse for giving up on the path.

The fact is that the path is an inner path—it is all between you and God. The key to walking the path is to realize that you are completely responsible for your inner conditions, your state of consciousness. Everything is a result of choices you made. No one can force you to make certain choices, which means that no one can prevent you from overcoming your past mistakes by making better choices to replace your old choices.

The real key to progress is to NEVER use any outer condition as an excuse for not walking the path—you must take full responsibility for your own situation and your own growth. If you allow your ego to make you think that another person is partly responsible for YOUR decisions, you demonstrate that you have not yet taken FULL responsibility for your path. This then becomes the major hurdle you need to overcome in order to adopt an approach that will give you the results you desire.

Thinking another person is responsible for your salvation is another example of Catholic baggage, and I give ample teachings on this website for you to let go of this burden that you no longer need to carry.

Leave your nets, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.

For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth (Hebrews 12:6).

Idea 10
As I seek to explain throughout the ARJ website, there is no mechanical, automatic, guaranteed path to salvation. The reason is that salvation – eternal life – is a state of consciousness that can only be attained when you stop identifying yourself with the ego and start identifying yourself as the spiritual Being you truly are. Thus, the results on the path are completely dependent upon choices that only you can make—meaning that no force can make them for you and no force can prevent you from making those choices.

The dream of this false path to salvation – where you practice an outer technique and achieve results without changing yourself – is very pervasive and is heavily reinforced by people’s ego’s and the dark forces seeking to prevent humankind from ascending. It has been promoted by many outer teachings and religions, including the Catholic Church.

From the perspective of a spiritual teacher, it is always sad to see people who are sincere seekers yet are fooled into the trap of looking for a guaranteed result and becoming discouraged when it does not happen. I truly wish I could help all who are open to this website understand that behind the outer desires and expectations is the real path, and it is filled with joy and the infinite peace that comes from knowing you are flowing with the River of Life itself.

As long as you are still seeking a result that can be denied or that depends on outer conditions, you have not truly discovered the inner path. On the inner path, the results are not automatic, but they are guaranteed—as long as you are willing to keep transcending yourself. Thus, the real key is the willingness to discover all your limitations and the willingness to go beyond every limitation you discover. When you adopt this approach to the path, you WILL see even outer results. When you are willing to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, all else truly will be added unto you—if you still want it.

We might say that as long as you think you need something from this world in order to be whole, you can’t have it. Yet as soon as you fully know that wholeness comes only from within, you can have whatever you want—because having or not having something will no longer keep you from being whole. The most important result of following a spiritual teaching is the realization that nothing in this world can prevent you from being who you are.

Being does not depend on having or not having. It simply IS. But in order to BE, you must stop defining yourself by what you have or don’t have.

BE ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect(Matthew 5:48).

Perfection does not mean stillstand—it means that you are flowing with the River of Life that is constantly transcending itself in a never-ending cosmic dance that does not go in circles but follows an ascending spiral. Seek to always ascend and you will forget all thoughts of giving up. Simply give UP the desire to give up.


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