Hungary’s contribution to the golden age

Question: What can the Hungarian nation add to the manifestation of Saint Germain’s Golden Age?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – “Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.”

Well, I understand why these questions are asked. And over time, we have had several other questions asked about, similar questions asked about other nations. I understand why the question is asked, but what we have attempted to explain to you is that it really is not logical to ask what a particular nation can contribute. Because the contribution to the golden age will primarily be the receiving of ideas. And ideas are in most cases received through one individual.

Really, it is not so that there is a particular nation that has a patent on creative individuals. There may be some nations that give more opportunity for individual creativity. And, therefore, they might attract more creative people. But creative people are found everywhere.

For any nation, Hungary or any other nation, the question really is, if you want to make a contribution to the golden age, then allow and encourage individual creativity. And then, of course, when ideas have been brought forth, it is a matter of implementing these ideas. But here, you need to be careful. Because there is this tendency that some nations want to be special. They will say: “Well, this idea might be good, but it wasn’t brought forth by somebody in our nation, so why should we implement it? We will do our own thing.”

What all nations can do is they can strive to attain more of a neutrality, where they say: “It really isn’t a matter of whether this idea was brought forth in our nation or somewhere else. The real matter is, is the idea valid? What will be the consequences of us implementing this idea, and what will be the best for us as a nation, for our people?” And then you implement the ideas that will bring your society forward.

It does not mean that all countries need to implement the same ideas. There is, for example, a wide range of educational methods that can all have validity. I am not saying that, in the golden age, there will be one educational method that should spread to all countries. There can still be individual differences. But there will not be over 100 educational methods, there will be a few. And that means that many countries need to implement the educational method that works best for them, even if it was not brought forth in their nation.

This is really the willingness, the openness to new ideas, and the willingness to implement the ideas based on a neutral evaluation, not where they came from, but what is best for our people, for our nation. What will bring us forward. This is what can best be done to manifest the golden age in individual nations. And the nations that adopt this attitude, as some nations already have to a large degree, they will be the ones that will be the forerunners for the golden age.


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