Human sexuality is irrelevant in the spiritual world

TOPICS: Ascended masters beyond human sexuality – even soul is beyond sexuality  – I AM Presence is Alpha polarity to soul –

Question: Is it possible for a male spiritual being to send down part of itself who manifests in a female body? I was wondering about this as I repeatedly get the impression that my I AM self has a masculine energy.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I encourage you to ponder the fact that human sexuality is irrelevant in the spiritual world. So your I AM Presence cannot be labeled based on human sexuality. Some spiritual beings embody more of the expanding force of the Father and others more of the contracting force of the Mother. One might talk about an Alpha/Omega polarity to set it apart from human sexuality. So a spiritual being is much more androgynous than human beings. We do take on a male or female appearance to make it easier for people to relate to us, but we do not identify ourselves based on human sexuality.

Likewise, a soul or 4-fold vehicle cannot be labeled based on human sexuality. Depending on the choices made by the Conscious You over many lifetimes, you may have created a vehicle that has a more masculine or a more feminine energy. Yet even so, the vehicle is capable of embodying in both male and female bodies. However, if a soul vehicle has become unbalanced, say towards the feminine side, the Conscious You may choose to embody in a male body in order to swing back to balance. Yet in some cases this can cause the Conscious You to become confused about its sexuality after it descends into the body.

The reason you experience your I AM Presence as male is that it forms the other polarity of your soul vehicle, as the spiritual realm forms the other polarity to the material universe. In other words, the entire material universe is made from the Ma-ter light which is dominated by the contracting force. In the spiritual realm, the expanding force is stronger. Therefore, one might say that beyond the Alpha/Omega polarity of individual spiritual beings and souls, there is a larger polarity. The spiritual realm forms the Alpha polarity and the material realm forms the Omega polarity. Because your soul is in the material universe, it has more Omega force than your I AM Presence. Consequently, you experience your I AM Presence as more Alpha, which can easily seem masculine in a human sense.


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