How visualizations and affirmations work 

Question: If I use a self-made affirmation of just two lines without invoking the light, for example: “I am utilizing my talents to my highest potential for the mutual benefit of myself and people on the planet”. Will this result in the creation of a separate self? What if it is said hundreds of times a day? Will it be able to eventually override the separate selves that are blocking our progress? Or is it just going to complicate things still more?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, my beloved the answer is yes and no. You have a very long tradition on this planet of positive mental attitude using certain visualization techniques such as treasure mapping and giving positive affirmations. And there is validity to it in the sense that for a time, it can have a positive effect on overriding some of the selves that you have that block your abundance for example.

But if you continue to do it beyond a certain point, then it is correct that it will simply create a separate self. Unfortunately, you have many of these people who have been into these affirmations, visualizations, manifesting and positive mental attitude who have simply created separate selves that are in a constant battle with their other separate selves that are blocking their abundance. So you now have two groups of separate selves that are fighting with each other and it all ties up your energy, your attention even your subconscious energy, so that you have less energy left over to actually manifest more abundance.

Now, this is not to say that there is no validity to these movements that promote this positive mental attitude. There was nothing else at the time because there wasn’t the awareness of psychology. So there was no possibility of bringing forth the teachings that you have today about the separate selves. So people had to do something and this was one way to at least create some improvement.

For some people, it has worked relatively well. But that is usually because they have reached some resolution of psychology in past lives, so that this could work for them. But you will also see if you look at these movements that many, many people have applied themselves and been disappointed, because of the lack of results. This is simply because there isn’t the resolution of psychology that makes this work. It is clear that the deeper approach to this is to look at the psychology and resolve the separate selves that are blocking your progress, whether it’s abundance or something else, instead of creating other separate selves to suppress them. That way you can free up your energies, and the more you free up your energies from being tied up in these structures in your subconscious mind, the more energy you have to fulfill your goals.


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