How to wake people up

TOPICS: Speak from a sense of joy – you have found purpose and answers to your questions – in the past most people could be awakened only through fear – today, important to seek Christ consciousness – share that joy and peace – preach a better future –

Question: It seems like the ascended masters are saying that it is very important that a critical mass of people wake up to try to put on their Christ selves and I don’t know whether that is happening or not, but should we be doing something to wake people up, is it time to shout from the rooftops? And what kind of things should we be doing to wake people up if that is the case?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Surely you can be doing something to wake people up. But you must understand that what we truly desire you to be doing is to be Being who you are—to let your light shine. And so, do not go out with the intent that you have to wake people up, that you have to save the earth, that you have to avoid this or that calamity. Instead, go out with the sense of joy—that you have found answers to your questions about life. That you have found a sense of purpose and meaning, a sense of joy that you never knew before—when you thought life had no purpose or when you did not know what that purpose was.

Go out and radiate that peace and that joy. For it is indeed true that there are certain cycles, and that certain events can happen at certain times. But the best way to wake people up is to show them that there is greater joy in following the spiritual path than living a materialistic life.

In the past when the consciousness was much more dense, prophecies about world events and calamities had a different purpose than they have today. Back then, the consciousness was so dense that there literally were many people who were stuck at a certain level of consciousness—and could not be awakened unless they were shaken so badly that they literally were scared out of their minds, so to speak – scared out of their mental boxes – and therefore reevaluated their lives based on fear.

And although we have no desire to promote fear, I must tell you that we have sometimes given dire prophecies because we knew that the only way to wake up the people was to give them the bleakest possible view of the situation. Obviously, we did not create the fear—people created the fear in their own beings. We knew that this would happen. But yet we still gave the prophecy because we knew that it was better people were awakened through fear than not at all.

But in this day and age we have a desire to see those who will use prophecy without fear whatsoever. And that is why we look to the most spiritually mature people to rise above fear, and realize that a cycle is ending. And yes, there are certain world events that could take place, for as Mother Mary has said, unless people are awakened to the connection between their consciousness and the physical conditions on earth, well then they must be awakened through physical calamities that makes them feel that there is nothing on the earth they can count on to last forever.

And so, we desire those of you who are open to these teachings to first seek the kingdom of God. Seek the kingdom of joy and peace within yourself, and then go out and share that joy and peace. This does not mean you cannot give people a prophecy, if you sense that that is what they need. But you do not come from a state of fear. You come from a state of realism. And then you still show them that even though you recognize the reality of the situation, you can find peace and joy on the spiritual path, for you know that you are more than the physical body. You are a spiritual being who is free—free because you have seen beyond the outer conditions.

So yes, go and shout the message from the housetops. Learn from my disciples 2,000 years ago. For what did they go out and shout from the housetops? Well, they repeated the message that I gave many times—”The kingdom of God is at hand!” Meaning that the kingdom of God is a state of consciousness that you can experience right now. You do not have to wait till your body dies in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. You can enter it right now while you are in your physical body.

This is the true message that we have always attempted to bring across. But of course, it must be adapted to people’s state of consciousness. But in this age you can do so much more with it, in terms of raising people’s understanding to the joy and the peace of the path—rather than the fear and the suffering and the dire prophecies.

Certainly there are people who need the stick, but we are looking much more to those who do not need the stick because they realize that there is more to life. There is the joy that you can find when you are willing to look beyond the outer conditions. So find that joy in yourself and then simply share that joy with others.

And once you have the joy, you will then have the inner direction to see how you individually can help others in their individual situations and states of consciousness. For there is not one message that will fit all people. And this is what you can only know from within, based on who you are, what is your flame that you can share with others.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels