How to study several teachings at the same time and benefit from all of them

Question: In the previous ascended master’s teachings, primarily Theosophy and Agni Yoga there was a concept of Manvantara coming from Hinduism. Is it the same as the latest teachings about the spheres.  (by Wikipedia – Manvantara is a Sanskrit word a compound of manu and antara. Literally meaning the duration of a Manu or his life span. Each Manvantara (cycle) is created and ruled by a specific Manu who in turn is created by Brahma the Creator himself.) 

Answer from the Ascended Master  Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well here, my beloved we run into the limitations of words and the interpretation of words that people impose on it. You will see that in Theosophy for example, we had more of a connection between East and West. Therefore, we use certain concepts from the eastern teachings and religions, in order to illustrate certain things that were not easy to illustrate at the time through western teachings. There is always a limit to how far you can go with this. Even though you can say that there is a parallel between the concept of the Manvantara’s and the concept of cycles. The particular way that this was understood in Hinduism, is not an exact correspondence to the teaching we are giving on the spheres. In a broad sense you can of course say that the spheres are a form of cycle.

Nevertheless, you have to realise that there is always a certain cultural context in which a teaching is given. You look at where the teachings in Hinduism were given. You look at the eastern culture, the eastern mindset, you realise these teachings were given a long time ago when the collective consciousness was at a lower level. People’s outer knowledge was at a lower level. So, there were certain limitations to what could be given at the time.

That is why – what I would say is, there are some parallels but don’t use the linear, analytical mind to look at a previous teaching and the current teaching, and try to map exactly how this concept in Hinduism matches this concept in our current teachings. It simply isn’t productive to do this. In order to really do something like that, you would need to fully understand the cultural context and the meaning that people in that culture put into those words. Why would you need to do that, when you have grown up in the West in this time?

Simply use the concepts you have here, use the teachings we are giving now and make the best of it. If you are open to the teachings we are giving now, realise that progressive revelation is progressive, that there comes certain times where we are facing the choice of – if we want to take the teachings to a higher level, we have to free ourselves from the previous teachings. Those teachings have been taken as far as they can be taken given the limitations of words and cultural contexts. We simply need to start over at a higher level and not be concerned about what was said previously. That some people might look at them and interpret that here is seemingly a discrepancy or a contradiction.

We cannot give a new level of teaching without losing some students who use the linear mind to look for contradictions. We have decided that we simply cannot worry about that. You will see that in the past we had more of a tendency where we would take one particular dispensation to a point, where either the messenger or the students could not transcend that level of consciousness. Therefore we had to abandon that organisation and start a new one that was more free to go to a higher level. This is of course something we can do still. Because this messenger and many among the students have been willing to move higher several times, we have not had to do this.

We have been able to go to a higher level, as we did some years ago with the teachings on non-duality, as we did with the teachings on the Conscious You, as we did with the teachings on internal spirits, as we did with the teachings on the separate selves and the “My Lives” book. Every time, there will be some students who are using that linear analytical mind to compare to what was said previously. They will discover, what from the linear perspective seems to be a contradiction. Instead of going deeper and looking beyond the seeming contradictions to a deeper understanding, they fixate in their outer minds that these must be incompatible and therefore there must be some kind of problem that they project on it.

My advice is always, that you realise that even though there can be value in previous dispensations and teachings, you should realise that they are the result of progressive revelation. Therefore I would say that the latest teaching that you are open to, is the one that you should embrace and make the most of.

You can still study older teachings because they still have value but do not use the linear analytical mind to look for these supposed discrepancies or contradictions. Look instead beyond the linear mind; use your intuition to reach for a higher understanding of issues. That way, if you do this – then you can study several teachings at the same time and benefit from all of them. The benefit will not come through the analytical, linear mind; it will come through the intuitive mind.


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