How to stop being the doer without withdrawing from life

TOPICS: Acting without prior knowledge – surrendering the illusion that you have power as a separate being – pure awareness and silent witnessing – stop judging after appearances – being a witness does not mean being passive – you choose where to focus your attention – making your will truly free – not disconnected from reality – taking responsibility and depersonalizing – do not seek paranormal abilities – seek purity of heart and you shall see God –

Question: Certain spiritual traditions teach that an important criterion of a higher state of consciousness is to not experience oneself as the “doer” any more, but just asthe silent witness of everything one thinks, does, or dreams. And in a more advanced state, a person is supposed to even witness sleep, i.e., maintain an inner, blissful wakefulness while the body is in deep sleep. I think in India they call it “Yoga Nidra”.

Is this concept of witnessing in agreement with the ascended masters’ teaching? Will the “witnessing” person become the instrument of the “holy spirit”? If yes, then how can such a person continue to grow in consciousness, if it does not take its own decisions and maybe not even use its free will? Or could it be, as some psychologists believe, that this so-called witnessing is a disease, sometimes called “dissociation” or “depersonalization”?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels: (September 28, 2010)

An interesting question. With that I mean it is a question that does not have a straightforward answer.

The concept of witnessing is a valid concept. However, as with everything else, once a concept becomes clothed in words, it becomes subject to interpretation, which means it can be misinterpreted or over-interpreted.

The idea that you stop seeing yourself as the doer and become a silent witness is simply one way to describe what happens in the process of attaining personal Christhood. You might recall that I said that I of my own self can do nothing and that it is the father within me who is doing the work. In my dictation from Rome, I talked about this state when I said that you take action without knowing ahead of time what will be done or said through you. Gautama talked about it in his New Year’s dictation by saying you stop reacting and start acting from the point of stillness within.

Using the terminology we have introduced on this website, one of the last barriers that you have to overcome before attaining Christhood is the idea that the Conscious You can act by its own power. You must surrender the idea that the Conscious You is a separate being who has its own power through which it can act. This is a subtle process because as long as you look at life through the filter of the outer mind and the ego, you will be absolutely convinced that your physical body does have power to do something on earth, and thus you have power as a separate being.

Yet the deeper reality is that in order for you to do anything, you must have self-awareness and you must have something to act upon. You have self-awareness only because your I AM Presence is extending a part of its Being through you in the form of the Conscious You. This self is the only part of your lower being that can receive the high-frequency light from the Presence. Yet if you misuse the light, the amount of it will be reduced, until you only receive enough to stay alive, meaning self-aware. Thus, you can remain alive as a self-aware being only because you are receiving something from outside the lower self.

Furthermore, anything you can do on earth is done with the Ma-ter light, which only continues to exist because God is allowing its own Being to be used in this form. So if God were to withdraw its Being, the matter universe would start collapsing due to the second law of thermodynamics. And it is then only a matter of time before the entire universe would collapse in upon itself, much like the popular concept of a black hole. Thus again, the universe can only exist because it is receiving something from outside itself.

As you grow in self-awareness, you start seeing the fallacy of the concept that you are a separate self. You start experiencing the light of your I AM Presence, and thus you begin to see that you could do nothing without it. You also start experiencing glimpses or periods of pure awareness, and thus you realize the Conscious You is more than the ego and the outer mind. This will gradually allow the Conscious You to question the self-image that it is the ego and the outer mind. Thus, you will begin to see that you are not truly a separate being.

Through a long and gradual process of surrender, you can indeed let go of the illusion that you have the ability to act on your own power. You can also gradually let go of the desire to experience what it is like to act as a separate being. And that is when you begin to experience yourself as a witness who is simply observing what is happening around you and what the Presence is doing through you without judging it in any way. It is precisely because the Conscious You is pure awareness – and not bound to or by any form – that it has the capacity to be a silent witness.

Yet for this process to take place, you must begin by overcoming all tendency to judge with the outer mind, what I called judging after appearances. You must realize that nothing in this world is what it appears, and thus you will begin to see the futility of thinking you can know with the outer mind what is the optimal thing to do in any situation. Thus, instead of reacting to this world, you can become the open door for actions that come from a higher part of your being and are not colored by the desires and the judgments of the lower self.

We might say that the Conscious You learns to stand back and simply witness that things unfold without having any expectations or judgments about what should happen or should not happen. You see that everything in this world is neither good or bad—it simply is, and you are more than what it is, so you do not identify with it.

Yet there is a subtle distinction that needs to be made. It may sound like being the witness is an entirely passive state, but it is not. You will recall that I said that my father works hitherto and I work. Being the witness does not mean you can only sit in a cave in the Himalayas and meditate all day. Being the witness means that you take active part in society, and you are still making choices. For example, you may be exposed to a situation that is a result of the choices of other people. In that case, you make the choice to stay non-attached and in oneness with your Presence, so you do not react from the level of the outer mind. This allows you to be the open door for the Presence to take action, and you do not stand in the way of what the Presence desires to do. You make the active choice to allow whatever is taking place – even if it goes against convention – and then you witness in awe what is happening in and around you, learning from seeing the results.

However, while still in embodiment you also make choices as to what to focus your attention upon. Again, this is done without judgment and with non-attachment, but since you only have 24 hours a day and can only focus on so many aspects of life on earth, you do need to make choices as to which aspects of life you put your attention upon. These choices will not be made by the Presence, as it is indeed the way you continue to grow—by choosing to focus your attention and witnessing what the Presence does in that situation.

One might say that while you see yourself as a separate being, you learn from making disconnected choices, and seeing that this always leads to consequences that limit your future choices. When you stop seeing yourself as separate, you learn from making choices based on oneness with the Presence, which always expands your options while enriching the lives of everyone involved (subject to people’s choices).

So to return to the specific questions, a person in this state of true witnessing will indeed become an instrument for the Holy Spirit. Yet the person will still be making its own decisions and using its free will, and thus it will still be growing. One might say that entering the state of non-judgment is not giving up your free will, it is actually making your will truly free so that it is not forced to react to any appearance on earth. You are not making one choice to give up your free will and become a passive witness. You must make continuos choices in order to stay in the very delicate balance of being active in the world without being the doer. This is a higher level of free will that cannot be fathomed as long as you still identify yourself as a separate being.

Let me make it clear that true witnessing is NOT the same as what psychologists call a dissociative disorder. As you become a true witness, you have to take complete responsibility for your state of mind. Yet many people are not willing to do so, and this can lead to a psychological disease where people think they can do nothing or are doing nothing. And while this is indeed a disorder that is correctly described by psychologists, it is not the same a true witnessing. Witnessing does not mean you are disconnected from reality; it means you are connected to a higher reality and thus see life on earth from that higher perspective.

You might say that a person who is attaining Christhood is gradually learning to no longer identify itself with earthly conditions and thus he or she is depersonalizing everything. Yet a Christed being is not withdrawing from life but is indeed taking active part of life, only doing it as described above. It is a condition that can only come about by accepting full responsibility for oneself, whereas the psychological disease is brought about precisely because people refuse to take responsibility.

Let me end by saying that there is a clear tendency among spiritual people to long to attain some advanced state, such as witnessing one’s sleep or having other para-normal abilities. Yet such phenomena – such appearances – have little value in themselves (what is the practical value of witnessing yourself sleep?) and thus it is indeed putting the cart before the horse when people strive for such abilities instead of seeking a deeper shift in consciousness. Having certain abilities or being able to produce certain phenomena is not necessarily a sign of a higher state of consciousness. And it is entirely possible to have a higher state of consciousness without experiencing or manifesting any unusual abilities or phenomena.

The greatest thing to strive for is indeed the purity of heart that comes from transcending judgment after appearances. Why so? Because blessed are the pure in heart, for they see God. What greater ability or phenomenon than to witness God’s Presence and to witness that Presence acting through you?


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