How to see what you cannot see?

Question: Dear masters, everything I create at the moment is not really coming into fruition or bloom. This has been going on for a while now. Even though the creations are valuable and constructive and can help people to get closer to themselves. At first, I thought it is a karmic thing that is returned, but I do not get that sense after tuning in. I’ve also worked a lot on dissolving the resistance against the mother realm. I also saw that it is partly a self-sabotaging act, because it is not yet fully aligned with my divine plan. So I shed many illusions in this regard too in the past years and will keep doing so. However, I’m really not sure what else I can do at this point. And I’m starting to ask myself if I’m simply too delusional, or it was simply not the right time yet. Could you give some insights into these dynamics also for other people that may find themselves in a similar situation?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

It is not an uncommon occurrence among spiritual people, that you have an intuitive sense that you are meant to accomplish something, bring forth something, create something. It is part of your divine plan.

You have a correct intuitive sense of the goal, but many times, you do not have a correct understanding of how it can be implemented, and when. Many of you are so eager to be of service, to do something positive on earth, and some of you also have a desire for personal recognition, that it sort of drives you to attempt to do something either before its time, or without having the full understanding, the full vision, the full grasp of how it can be implemented.

There are times where people have attempted to bring forth something before it was the right time to do so. There are other times that there are people who have attempted to bring forth something, and they have a correct understanding of what area they need to bring forth something — could be, for example, in the area of healing — but they  do not necessarily have the right view of how this needs to happen.

There can be a couple of reasons for it. One is that you do not have the outer understanding necessary to bring forth what you need to bring forth in a specific field. In that case, you need to study that field more. But the other reason can be that your outer mind is too fixated on a certain view. In connection with a topic for this conference, in a sense, you have a correct vision that you are meant to bring for something in a certain field, but you still have an ideological approach to that field. Where your outer mind is rigid. You believe that what you bring forth has to be within a certain framework. And this, of course, has to do with the fact that there are some selves you have not yet discovered, that are holding on to this particular view.

I know this does not necessarily help you that much. Because right now you are at a point where you cannot see these selves. You cannot see what you cannot see because your mind is too rigid, and it blocks your vision. Telling you that there is something you do not see does not necessarily help you see it. But the reality is that there is only really one problem, or one cause, for spiritual people, and it is that there is something you do not see. There are some selves you have not come to see. What you need to do is realize this, first of all, and then be willing to ask the questions that you have not asked so far.

There is a phenomenon that we see over and over again. Not only in this dispensation, but in previous dispensations and other spiritual teachings, and in other fields of life. We have given some very extensive teachings in this dispensation. But there are some people that come to these teachings and they have what we now call the ideological approach. In other words, their minds are fixated, they are rigid on a certain way of looking at life. They have accepted a certain viewpoint, a certain worldview and are not willing to question it. They actually come to the teachings to get validation for this.

This means that you have people who listen to a dictation without hearing what is being said. They hear the words but not beyond the words. They read a dictation, but they do not see what is being said. They see the words, but they do not see beyond the words. They intellectually understand and grasp the concepts, but they do not go beyond the intellectual understanding, to an intuitive experience.

We see that there are a certain number of students who are stuck. Most of them are stuck before they even found the teachings. Some become stuck after they have found the teachings, because there is something they will not question. And we would, of course, all like to help such students. The messenger would like to help these students as he has observed them for the past 40 or so years. But the reality is that there is no mechanical or guaranteed way to help people.

There is something you have not seen. There is something in your mind that blocks you from seeing it. But you do not see that it is something in your mind that blocks your vision. So how do you come to see what you cannot see? You can do much by shifting your attitude, opening your mind, being willing to see, asking for help from the ascended masters. But again, there is no guarantee.

How do you come to see what you cannot see? That is the question. And even as an ascended master, I have no surefire answer to it. It is an individual process. Sometimes you cannot do it right now, no matter what you do. It takes time. You need to go through several stages before you are ready to see something. This messenger recognizes in himself that somebody could have told him something 20 years ago, or two years ago, that he was not ready to see and he would not have been able to grasp what they were saying. And it is the same for all of us when we are in embodiment.

In some cases, you can do something by studying the teachings, asking the questions, opening your mind, asking for help. But in some cases, the reality is that you just have to wait until you have gone through certain stages, cycles have turned and now your mind is open to seeing what you cannot see. Not a very comforting answer, I know. But a realistic answer.


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