How to respond to attacks of the dark forces

Question:  What is the best way to make an end to black magic? (people who are invading your force field and using their energy or misusing their light to manipulate another person).

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar for the Liberation of Women.

Well, the best way to deal with this is to invoke the spiritual protection of Archangel Michael, and to ask for Astrea to consume the black magic, to cut you free from it. But of course, if you are the recipient of this kind of very aggressive, mental and emotional projections, then you also need to see – are you vulnerable to this, is there some separate self in you that makes you vulnerable to it?

In some cases, there can be people who are directing black magic at you, and there isn’t really anything in your consciousness that this impulse can multiply. But you can still, of course, then have certain projections of emotional energies or thoughts that come into your force field. This doesn’t mean that they multiply anything that is in your force field, but you can still be aware of them.

This messenger has been exposed to quite a significant amount of black magic from students that have followed him for a time, followed the teachings for a time, and then for various reasons decided to no longer do this. And then having engaged in these very aggressive mental and emotional projections against him, to get him to stop or to get him to see that they were right and he was wrong or whatever the cause may be. Now, in some cases, he has felt something in himself that was multiplied by this, he has then been willing to look at it and overcome it and resolve it so that there was nothing in him anymore. In other cases, it is simply he has noticed the projections, he has realized that they are projections, and he has just let them pass through without engaging in them, or in any way putting his attention on them.

Now, in severe cases, you can of course, make the calls for this, but quite frankly, as you walk the path to Christhood and begin to come to the higher levels, the fallen beings will begin to see you as a threat. They will use whatever means are available to them, be it people in embodiment, be it demons and entities in the emotional realm or the mental realm or the identity realm to project these very negative aggressive energies against you both at the emotional, mental and identity level. You need to come to the point where you realize this is just part of the path to Christhood on a planet like Earth, that you learn to identify these projections, that you learn to just let them pass through you.

In some cases, you can identify a certain source of this and then you can make calls on it, but there are so many of these sources that you cannot make the calls for all of them because it takes up too much of your time and attention. You need to simply come to the point where you realize: “This is not my thought, this is a projection.” You just let it pass through without engaging it, without trying to reason with it, without trying to think that you should not have had this thought come into your mind, or you should not have this feeling come into your mind. You just identify it as a projection and you just let it pass through you, and you are like the water that flows back into a calm state whenever it has been disturbed.

You are, after all, moving into the Aquarian Age, so it’s natural that your mind attains this water like quality, where you cannot avoid when you are in physical embodiment, having your mind stirred up by certain things that happen, but then you do not keep stirring it, you just identify what it is, make a conscious decision to let it go, and let the mind return to its calm state. The beautiful thing about water my beloved, is that if you stir the water, even stirring the water violently does not change the water molecules. When there is no longer a force stirring them, they naturally return to a calm state and there is absolutely nothing in the water that retains that stirring. There is no record in the water of it.

This is what unfortunately happens to the mind that when the mind is disturbed, there is created some kind of record in the mind. Now there may be some kind of process that starts where, for example, you can think, as a spiritual person: “I should not have had this thought or this feeling. Now, I need to discover why that is, now I need to engage in this entire process to make sure it doesn’t happen again”, and all of this stuff. But as you grow to the higher levels of Christhood and have resolved much of your psychological wounds, you can simply identify: “Oh, this is not my thought, this is not my feeling, this is a projection.”

You just let the mind be like the water, go back to its calm state without retaining any record of this ever happening. Quite frankly, if your mind goes back to a pure state, it never did happen. That’s the beauty of the Christ mind, which cannot be permanently affected by anything on earth, it is like the water. You will see that even Jesus could get angry as this famous example of him overturning the tables on the money changers, but after that his mind returned to a calm state. He didn’t beat himself up over having done this, he just focused on his mission and went forward as if it had never happened, and therefore in his mind, it had never happened. And you can come to the same point where whatever other people or dark forces may direct at you, you just let your mind return to this calmness, and it literally never happened. It may have happened in the mind of the other people, they may still be blaming you, but it never happened in your mind.


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