How to resolve the division in the soul?

Question: Is it possible that the Conscious You of a person will withdraw from the body and go to higher planes in cases of severe trauma or mental illness, or where a demon or other entities come inside to take its place? While what is left to animate the body is the life force of the physical body or the soul? I am asking because I personally seem to live in two worlds. The first world is the regular physical world, where I seem to have no connection to spirit and the second is the world of sleep where I dream and have wonderful spiritual experiences, where it seems my Conscious You or I Am Presence is present. And I ask because I seem to have no spiritual growing transcendence presence in my daily life. And I was exposed to severe traumas and substance abuse. So it seems my Conscious You left the vehicle. What do we do in this case to bring back the Conscious You to its rightful place?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

We are running up against the limitations of words here. It just depends on how you want to use these words to describe a very subtle phenomenon. What we said in a previous dispensation was that there was a phenomenon of soul division, where the soul could split into several divisions. And this could especially happen as a result of trauma.

So if you say that the contents of your four lower bodies make up your soul, then we can apply this concept of soul division. You are exposed to a severe trauma. It is so severe, that there is a part of your being that does not want to experience this. And therefore, that part of your being withdraws from the physical body, attempts to withdraw from having anything to do with the physical body. So it does not need to experience life through the physical body, and the outer consciousness and the senses.

What is really happening here is that you have a split in your four lower bodies, there is a division, there is a barrier created, where you created an impenetrable wall between the division and your physical waking consciousness—this is a division that you have.

Now, in terms of the Conscious You, well, the Conscious You is what makes you conscious. You are not asleep when you are asking this question. So the very fact that you are able to formulate a question about the role of the Conscious You can only be done because you are conscious, you are self-aware. And what makes you self-aware is the Conscious You. As you are awake and experiencing your normal everyday life, the Conscious You is then in, (centered in) the physical body, and your outer mind.

Now at night, when you are asleep, it is possible that the Conscious You can enter into this division in your four lower bodies, and now experience life from that vantage point, through that filter. And so what you can do is, recognize that such a division, such a dramatic split in the soul, is really still what we have talked about in the teachings about the separate selves that are the result of trauma. And the split goes back, whether it was caused by your birth trauma or not, but it goes back to that initial birth trauma and the creation of the primal self.

What you can do is, you can use the tools and teachings we have given on the separate selves to come to see that the division in your being is actually a conglomerate of separate selves that can be dissolved and allowed to die one by one. But in order to do this, you need to make some kind of deliberate conscious changes where you decide that you want to resolve this, you want to overcome the division in your soul. You want to be fully present in your daily outer life, instead of always longing to withdraw from daily outer life, feeling it as a burden.

And then you have to be willing to go through the work that needs to be done and experience the pain that you will experience when you begin to get in touch with these separate selves that you normally do not want to experience. What you actually need to realize here is that when you have a division, like what you are describing, what you are experiencing when you are dreaming is not actually what this division is going through, because there are separate selves in this division going on that are constantly in pain from the trauma.

But you have decided that you do not want to experience that pain and that is essentially why the split happened. So you have created a self in the division that thinks it is very spiritual and you are having spiritual experiences. It is in order to avoid the pain. So you have to decide that you are willing to reconnect to the pain as is necessary in order to see these selves.

Now we have given teachings and tools that when you use our decrees, you can transform the energy that intensifies the pain. There will still be some pain but it will not be as overwhelming when you use the appropriate decrees to dissolve the energy. For some people this can be a very intricate process, a long process, it can take years, maybe even a decade or two and it can be a painful and difficult process.

But you can consider this: Is your current situation pleasant to you? Would you like to change it? Would you like to change it in this lifetime, or would you like to postpone it so that you come back in your next lifetime with the same division and have to go through in that lifetime what you have gone through in this lifetime? Or would you rather do the work now, make the effort now to resolve that division so that you can possibly ascend, or at least come into your next embodiment with a much higher level of consciousness and without this split in your four lower bodies, your soul vehicle?


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