How to remember your divine plan

Question: Maitreya mentions in his book, “Master Keys to Spiritual Freedom”, that we have amnesia that we forget everything of our divine plan when we take embodiment. What can we do to overcome this amnesia and remember our divine plan?

Answer from the Ascended Master Maitreya through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2017.

Read the rest of my book. Naturally we have given you many, many tools and it is necessary to do a variety of things to remember your divine plan, including of course making the calls for the transmutation of the energy in your four lower bodies that blocks your clear connection with your I Am Presence, studying the teachings to get greater and greater insights, increasing your intuition and so on. But it is extremely important for you to realize that there never comes a point while you are in embodiment where you suddenly stand and you see your entire divine plan revealed before you in its entirety. That is the whole point of being in embodiment.

Your divine plan is not something that is set in stone that defines every step you should take while you are in embodiment. Your divine plan involves many, many situations where you need to make a choice because that is how you will grow and so, your divine plan is not a linear plan that can be mapped out so that you take this step and that step and the next step.

Your divine plan brings you to a certain situation where you have a variety of choices. You make one of those choices – that brings you to another situation and now your divine plan defines a variety of choices for that situation, and that means that as you make these choices throughout your life your divine plan gradually shifts so that if you make a higher choice you can go higher, if you make lower choices, you cannot go as high. And so your divine plan is not chiseled into a stone tablet, your divine plan is so to speak an interactive plan; could be compared somewhat to a computer game where the choices you make at one level determine which level you move onto and so your divine plan shifts all the time, and of course, if you knew ahead of time what was the highest possible choice in a given situation you would not grow from following that divine plan.

You grow by making choices based on the situation, based on what you can see and then learning from that, this then raises your consciousness. If you were mechanically following a pre-programmed plan, then you would not grow, you could spend an entire lifetime not growing. This is what happens to many of the people that other masters have talked about and that I’ve mentioned earlier also that get into a kind of coma where they are not growing for an entire lifetime. It is because they dare not make choices based on the limited knowledge they have, and there are even spiritual students, even ascended master students who have used our teachings to justify why they have to follow a certain outer program and do not have to make the kind of choices that you need to make in order to grow in Christhood. And so, this of course is not what we desire to see happen, we desire our students to become more and more willing to make these choices, to not look at them in black and white terms, but to simply learn from every choice and come up higher in consciousness.


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