How to pursue personal christhood while being married

TOPICS: Not necessary to withdraw from society – no standard for how to be the Christ – relationships a good way to balance karma – your path to Christhood might involve a family – be aware of inner conflicts – be at peace in your family –

Question: I was wondering, is it possible to pursue one’s personal christhood and still get married and raise a family? I am literally being torn inside with this because a part of me has an image that one must abandon our way of life from modern society and yet when I pray and meditate my lifestream feels at most peace when the thought of establishing a family comes to mind. Thoughts to ponder?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

As I explain throughout this website, most human beings are trapped by the dualistic mind that is based on separation and relativity. As a result, many people have created the mental image that if you are a truly spiritual person, you have to live life a certain way. You have to withdraw from society and live in a monastery or follow certain outer rules defined by a particular religion. So I can understand why many people think that in order to pursue the path of personal Christhood, you might have to start living like a monk or nun.

However, as I also attempt to explain throughout my website, none of the mental boxes created by the human mind can contain or capture the Living Christ. In fact, one of the main tasks of a Christed being is to demonstrate to people that you can live life in a way that is beyond their mental boxes.

So there truly is no standard way for a person to walk the path of Christhood or to express your Christhood. The path is individual, and as you attain a greater and greater amount of Christhood, you begin to express your true divine individuality. You will begin to be who you truly are, regardless of whom the world wants you to be.

So it is not possible to create a standard and say that only people who live up to the standard are truly Christed beings or are truly following the path to Christhood. There are many people who have to go beyond certain human expectations or social conventions in order to attain and manifest their Christhood. That is why I challenged many of the conventions found in ancient Israel, such as when I healed a man on the sabbath and declared that the sabbath was made for man, not man for the sabbath.

Another consideration is that in order to actually achieve your Christhood, you have to balance the karma made in past lifetimes. This might make it necessary for some people to have a family and give birth to children. You also have to resolve any blocks in your psychology, and again this might be most effectively done by having a family. Or you might have made a vow to bring forth certain lifestreams as your children as part of your spiritual mission. In other words, your path to Christhood might require you to be engaged in society in a variety of ways.

So the bottom line about Christhood is that it is not possible to create an outer standard. Therefore, you cannot decide which your outer, analytical, dualistic mind how you should personally follow the path to Christhood. If you do create such an outer standard, as many religious people do, you will be following the way that seems right unto a human, but the ends thereof are the ways of death.

You can follow the path to Christhood only by going beyond the dualistic mind and attaining inner direction from your Christ self. To attain the clearest possible direction, it will be extremely helpful to use the techniques I give on the toolbox website, such as the decrees for spiritual protection from outside interference, the technique for transformation of imperfect energies in your field, and a technique for attunement with your Christ self.

In the beginning stages of the path to Christhood, you will often get inner direction in the form of intuitive insights. A good measure of whether such insights are correct is whether they give you a sense of peace of mind or whether they make you feel conflicted. Whenever you sense an inner conflict, you know that you have not obtained the highest possible insights. Therefore, you should not make decisions based on a conflicted state of mind but make a determined effort to gain a clearer intuitive insight. When you get the right insight, you will feel inner peace (which is not the same as feeling that you can do what your dualistic mind wants to do). You will have a strong inner knowing of what to do.

Always remember that the dualistic mind is dualistic, and this leads to conflict and division. The Christ mind is one, and it removes conflict and gives you peace. Therefore, strive for the unified vision of the Christ mind. Remember my saying that if thine eye be single, thy whole body is full of light. The meaning is that when you attain the unified vision of the Christ mind, you will be filled with the light of God. That light never fails!

As we move into the Aquarian age, it becomes increasingly important that people take religion out of the churches and integrate it into their daily lives. Therefore, there are many lifestreams who have taken a vow to pursue the path of Christhood while raising a family or being engaged in society. Obviously, this can be more difficult than when you live in a protected environment, but it is an important part of the spiritual life of the new age.

You will, however, be far more successful if you make peace with having a family and overcome the inner conflict of feeling that it takes away from your spiritual growth. Instead, look at why you feel this way and realize it might be the remnants of the Piscean culture or from your past lives of living a more secluded life. Truly, how can you attain Christhood without overcoming such inner divisions? Can a psyche divided against itself ever be the Living Christ?

When you can embrace that having a family actually is the key to your Christhood, you will make faster progress towards Christhood while being able to enjoy family life—also making it more enjoyable for your family members. Too many spiritual people have made themselves and their family members miserable by being in a family while feeling they should be in some spiritual retreat instead. Surrender such feelings and be at peace with being where you are.


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